Use the chart below to compare features of Adobe Acrobat DC Reader to Acrobat DC Pro.  

Acrobat DC Reader vs. Acrobat DC Pro -  Feature Comparison

Feature: DC Reader   DC Pro  Available Alternative
View, search, print PDFs •   

Add comments 

Fill & sign forms  •  •   
Store/share files online •  •   
Covert Word, Excel, PowerPoint docs to PDFs   • 

Office Excel, Word, and PowerPoint allow you to save (export) files as pdfs natively.

Export PDFs to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files   •   
Edit text and images   •   
Organize pages   •   
Combine multiple docs to searchable PDFs (OCR, optical character recognition   •   
Password protect content   •   
Convert Word or paper files to fillable PDF forms   •   
Send for signature   • 

In Excel, Word, and PowerPoint (Windows versions) it is possible to insert a digital signature or a signature line but it is not possible to send for signature in one action.

Track sent files    •   
Add audio & video    •   
Automate with actions   •   
Compare documents   •   
Enhance accessibility (Section 508)    •   
Build indexes for document collections   •   
Create PDFs from Microsoft Project, Visio, or AutoCAD    • 

Microsoft Project and Visio files can be saved as PDFs natively.AutoCad DWG files can be saved using TrueView a free app from AutoDesk.