Acrobat Pro DC icon/logoAll MSU faculty and staff are licensed for Acrobat Pro DC software through MSU's campus license. 

Students: Acrobat Pro DC is part of Creative Cloud. Visit Adobe CC for Students and follow instructions.  

NOTE:  Acrobat Pro DC comes installed on all NEW computers purchased through UIT as of December 2018. The first time Acrobat Pro is opened on such a computer the user will be required to sign into Adobe. 

Follow appropriate instructions below to download or activate your copy.   

Download Instructions

for new MSU computers that already have Acrobat Pro DC installed

If your computer was purchased after Dec. 1, 2018 through UIT and came with Acrobat Pro DC installed, you'll just need to sign in.  Follow these instructions:


  1. Open Acrobat Pro DC.
  2. Click the Sign In Now button, when prompted.
    screenshot of the blue sign in now button in the Acrobat  Pro DC pop-up window
    The Adobe Acrobat Sign in window opens.
  3. Click the Sign in with an Enterprise ID link.
    (see red arrow in image below)
    Enterprise ID Sign in link
  4. Enter in email address/domain field. (see image below)
    • Leave password field blank.
    • Hit Tab or Enter

    image of Enterprise ID login fields.

The MSU Web Login page opens.

NOTE:  If you first are prompted with the window shown below, select Enterprise ID.  

Screenshot of Choose an account for Adobe ID or Enterprise ID 


  1. Enter your NetID and NetID Password to log in.

    The Acrobat Pro DC "Thank you"  window will open confirming that you are licensed.
  2. Click the Continue button to begin using Acrobat Pro DC.
    Screenshot showing Thank you license and Continue  button

for computers that do not have Acrobat Pro installed

If you would like to get Acrobat Pro DC on your computer and it isn't currently installed, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Sign in link in upper-right corner of window 

    The Adobe ID Sign in window opens.
  3. Click Sign in with Enterprise ID link (see below).
    Enterprise ID Sign in link

    The Enterprise ID sign in window opens.

  4. Enter in email address/domain field (see image below)
    • Do not enter password - leave blank.
    • Hit Tab or Enter.
    image of Enterprise ID login fields.

NOTE:  If you are prompted again with the window shown below, select Enterprise ID.

Screenshot of Choose an account for Adobe ID or Enterprise ID

The MSU Web Login page opens.

  1. Enter your NetID and NetID Password to log in.
    You are redirected back to Adobe.

  2. Click theDownload apps link under Document Cloud (see below).
    screenshot showing the link to click located on the Adobe page under Document Cloud.
  3. Click the Acrobat Pro DC Download button (see below).
    Acrobat Pro DC download buttonFollow any additional prompts to install the software.   In the future be sure to update whenever you receive notifications that updates are available.

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