Below is a list of known issues users have encountered while installing Adobe Creative Cloud. Each is followed by solution(s) that have resolved the issue for others. As always, please contact the UIT Service Desk if you need additional assistance and before you lose any hair.

Known Issues

ISSUE: Chrome and Opera browsers display odd behavior during the installation of the Adobe Creative Cloud app.  Browser windows would go completely black for a few seconds at a time, seemingly at random. The behavior occurred across multiple pages. 

OS: Windows 8.1
Browsers: Chrome & Opera

SOLUTION: Restarting the browsers after the installation has completed seems to have resolved the issue.

ISSUE: The Chrome browser crashes on Windows computer the first time user signs in using NetID (Enterprise ID). The sign-in processing page was displayed  for about 30 seconds prior to the crash. 

SOLUTION to try: Restart Chrome and try signing into Adobe again.

ISSUE:  After installing and launching the desktop Creative Cloud app, no Apps tab is displayed (see image below). The issue has occurred on both Windows and Mac computers.
Screenshot of Creative Cloud app panel and missing apps tab.



1. Delete the following file: 
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\OOBE\Configs\ServiceConfig.xml.  

2. Reopen the CC app, the Apps tab should now be displayed.  


A. Delete ServiceConfig.xml file:

  1. Delete  /Library/Application Support/Adobe/OOBE/Configs/ServiceConfig.xml.  
  2. Close all running CC processes and then restart the CC app.  

The Apps tab should now appear in the CC app.

B. If that doesn't work try the Adobe CC Cleaner tool process outlined below:

  1. Sign out and exit Creative Cloud app.
  2. Go to Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Adobe
  3. Delete these folders: AAM Updater, OOBE, and AdobeApplicationManager.
  4. Run the Adobe CC cleaner tool.  Process and instructions found at:
  5. Re-install Creative Cloud Desktop App.
  6. Open app, sign in and Apps tab should be displayed.
  7. If not you may need need to install the Adobe Application Manager.

Notes on the Adobe CC cleaner tool process:  1.) Some users reported that they only had to uninstall the Adobe CC app, that said the instructions were a bit ambiguous but you might try just uninstalling Adobe CC app before uninstalling all of your CC apps. 2.) Don't worry if you can't find the log mentioned in step 10 in the Adobe CC cleaner process just move on to step 5 (above).

If you are still having trouble please contact the UIT Service Desk for assistance.

ISSUE: After downloading and installing Photoshop CC (on a Windows computer), it crashes after opening the program.

OS: Windows


1. Follow instructions in this Adobe CC Knowledge Base article:

if this doesn't work:

2. Try uninstalling the Adobe CC cleaner tool and then reinstalling the Creative Cloud app and Photoshop CC following the process outlined here: