Departmental/University Purchases

Why Purchase Technology through UIT Purchasing?

By purchasing through UIT Purchasing, UIT will provide a Technical Specifications review to ensure that the computer systems will support the use case for which the computer is being purchased.

  • ensures the computer has the correct operating system
  • ensures proper installation of the “Stack”

Use the links below for all standard (non-custom) purchases for departmental use only.  State and University purchasing rules apply. Catalogs and state contracts may offer products that are not supported by UIT. 

For custom orders, please contact UIT Purchasing  by email.

Please expect longer set-up and delivery times for non-standard tech purchased directly from a local store, a vendor or through UIT Purchasing Support.

ATTENTION: The Deadline for FY23 orders through UIT is Friday, May 19th.


Desktop image

Preconfigured Desktops and Laptops




webcam images


Docking Stations



Audio devices


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Campus licensed software

Software for purchase

Software for personal use

Copier/Multi Function printers

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Multi-function Printers


Toner/Printer Supplies

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Toner/Printer Supplies


image for personal purchases

Faculty, staff, and students can use the following links to purchase Dell or Apple products for personal use

Apple computers

Dell Computers and Accessories


Products we support: 

  1. Software and user support is provided for these (and most) items listed below however, only hardware warranty repair is done on desktop & laptop computers.
  2. UIT recommends Windows 10 for all new departmental Windows computers, regardless of where they are purchased.
  • Apple iPads and Windows Surface tablets purchased from any source (software only, no hardware repairs)  
  • Any Apple product purchased from the MSU Bookstore 
  • Any MSU preconfigured Dell, Apple, Lenovo or Microsoft Surface computer. 
  • Any MSU approved hardware component or printer from the CDW-G catalog .