FY21 purchasing, through UIT, is now closed.

Departmental/University Purchases

Use the links below for all standard (non-custom) purchases for departmental use only.  State and University purchasing rules apply. Catalogs and state contracts may offer products that are not supported by UIT. Please see links at bottom of page for student and personal computer purchases.


  • Apple computers
    • For assistance, please submit a help desk ticket to [email protected].
    • NOTE, in late 2020, Apple began the transition from Intel processors to Apple silicon in Mac computers, referred to as Apple Silicon or M1. Due to the new architecture UIT cannot guarantee that all software/hardware will work on this new technology. Most vendors are working to ensure their software/hardware will work fine, but due to the variety and age of some software/hardware on campus, we cannot guarantee issues will not arise.   
  • Lenovo Computers
  • Dell computers


  • Dell Systems 

    • Repairs for Dell Systems can be processed through the UIT Service Desk and repaired on-site at MSU.
  • Microsoft Systems
    • Require coordination by the employee of either an on-site repair visit from a authorized non-MSU Microsoft Repair Technician or coordination to ship the device to/from Microsoft.
  • Lenovo Systems
    • Require coordination by the employee of either an on-site repair visit from a authorized non-MSU Lenovo Repair Technician or coordination to ship the device to/from Lenovo.
  • Apple Computers 

    • Repairs for Apple systems can be processed through the UIT Service Desk. The appropriate UIT team will process the repair with Apple. Some work may be done at MSU, but some work may require UIT to send the system off for repair. Any system that needs needs to be sent to Apple will be processed by UIT.
    • If you need a loaner while your computer is being repaired, please submit a request to [email protected]


Copiers and Multi-function devices (MFD)

If you would like to purchase, or lease, a copier or large multi-function device, please check out the page from the MSU Procurement office for copiers.


MSU has a special contracts with CDW-G and WSCA/NASPO that allow us to buy products through them at discounted prices.  


Buy direct from CDW-G/ Montana State site  CDW-G logo 

Computer accessories

Microsoft Surface Pros

  Wireless printers are not allowed on the MSU (Bozeman) network.



Buy direct from WSCA/NASPO picture 

Toner & supplies 


Products we support: 

  1. Software and user support is provided for these (and most) items listed below however, only hardware warranty repair is done on desktop & laptop computers.
  2. UIT recommends Windows 10 for all new departmental Windows computers, regardless of where they are purchased.
  • Apple iPads and Windows Surface tablets purchased from any source (software only, no hardware repairs)  
  • Any Apple product purchased from the MSU Bookstore 
  • Any MSU preconfigured Dell computer. 
  • Any MSU approved hardware component or printer from the CDW-G catalog .

Students, Faculty, & Staff - Personal Computer Purchases

Faculty, staff, and students can use the following links to purchase Dell or Apple products for personal use.