Campus-licensed Software

MSU holds campus-wide licenses for some software, which in most cases allows MSU to provide the software at no extra cost, however in some the license allows the software to be offered at a discounted price much lower if purchased individually.   

Certain licenses are not available to students and some are limited in number.  Please see information under each for details.

Please visit the Campus Licensed Software page here for more information.

Don't See the Software You Need / Purchasing New Software?

If you need software that is either not a campus licensed software or available to purchase via a prearranged agreement with MSU, you can request the software to be purchased.

Note that if the software has an additional cost, the requester will be asked for in index to which the purchase will be charged.

Software Purchase Process 

  • Submitters must obtain and include any Terms and Conditions and any End User License Agreement (EULA) with their request 
  • Send the request to UIT Purchasing  by email  at this address [email protected].
  • You may be contacted by UIT purchasing for follow-up questions.

Software Purchase Guidelines 

  • Any new software being brought into the MSU IT Environment must be reviewed by, at least:
    • MSU Legal Department
    • UIT Information Security  
  • UIT Purchasing cannot guarantee a new software request will be completed by a specific date. This is due to the above stated reviews as well as responsiveness from the vendor of the software being requested, in case additional follow-up is needed.  
  • If requesting new software to be added to the Remote Student Labs offering, please denote this in your request. 
    • UIT Student Computer Labs uses Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), which is a different framework for computing than normal and therefore, may not work for some software.  As a result, we cannot guarantee that every software request is possible, sometimes due to licensing restrictions or lack of compatibility with VDI. 

What qualifies as a "new software"?

  • Cloud Software 
  • Installed Software 
  • Free Software 
  • Trial / Demo Software 
  • Student Versions of Software
  • Add-In's for Microsoft tools such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.
  • App Store Apps from Apple
  • Microsoft Store Apps  

Microsoft Add-In's


MSU Department and Employee Software for Purchase

The following list of software is available for purchase by MSU departments and employees only.   

To purchase the software listed below, please send the request to UIT Purchasing  by emailat this address [email protected].

Software Price List

Pricing subject to change without notice. 
Software on this list is NOT available for purchase by MSU students. 

Name Price Platform Details
AutoCad and other AutoDesk Products No Charge Mac or Windows Software provided without charge to Education Community members may be used only for purposes directly related to learning, training, research, or development and may not be used for commercial, professional, or any for-profit purposes. To download the software visit:
EndNote $0.00 Mac or Windows EndNote is available to MSU students, faculty, & staff through a Renne Library subscription. Log in with your NetID to download the correct installer.
SAS (new license) $470.00 Annual renewal - Sep 15 SAS is available for departmental purchase at this discounted price through a campus license.
SAS (renewal license) $470.00 Annual renewal - Sep 15  
SPSS More information here:
More info on SAS
SQL CAL 2016 request a quote: email [email protected]
Windows Server 2016 Standard R2 - Two Processor License request a quote: email [email protected]