NVivo qualitative data analysis software is available to MSU faculty, staff, students, and graduate teaching assistants via an MSU site-wide license. NVivo may be installed on personally-owned or MSU-owned devices.  Follow the steps below to download.

To download, install & activate NVivo:

Follow the appropriate instructions below for your computer. 

Navigate to the vendors website by clicking here

If you have already created an account with Nvivo, sign in using the credentials  you used to create this account. 

If you have not, you will need to create an account to login.

You do not HAVE to create your account using your .edu. 

 Once signed in, navigate to to the "Downloads" page. 

You will see options for both Mac and PC. 

Please Note!

Currently we offer Version 20 and Version 12.

To download version 20, click on the BIG BLUE DOWNLOAD BUTTON.

To download version 12, please look right below the button for the text "Download Older Versions of NVivo" and download version 12.

Install and run the software. You will be prompted for the . Information on how to obtain the license key.

Make sure you have download NVivo  software directly from the NVivo website.

Once you begin to Install and run the software, you will be prompted for the license key. 

The software version you downloaded MUST match the with the applicable KEY Version. 

The key, is stored in a text file that you'll download from the UIT Software portal.  To begin: 

  1. Go to the Software Portal and log in with your NetID.
  2. Scroll down to NVivo section and check box to accept terms then click NVivo license key to download key file for either 12 or 20.
    screenshot showing Windows NVivo 12 section on Software portal and the terms checkbox and the link to download the key file.
  3. Open the text file and you'll see the key. 


How to access NVivo tutorials on Linda

When the Linkedin Learning page opens (after clicking link above):

  1. Click the Sign In button (not Sign Up), then click Continue(see image below).
  2. Log in with your MSU NetID and password

Screenshot of the Lynda login Continue button which directs you to MSU's login page then redirects you back to Lynda.


IMPORTANT: If you are not prompted with the box shown above, go to MSU Linkedin Learning.  Enter your NetID and Password when prompted. When the Lynda page opens enter Learning NVivo into the Search field to go to tutorial.