Students — Were you referred?

  1. I received a letter or email from the Allen Yarnell Center for Student Success about my academic performance, what does it mean?
    • One of your professors has requested that you attend a success advising appointment as soon as possible to address one or more of the following:
      • Class attendance
      • Test scores
      • Homework assignments (incomplete or low grades)
      • Lack of class interaction/engagement
  2. I have been referred, now what?
    • Call 406.994.7627 immediately and schedule a success advising appointment!
  3. What assistance can Success Advisors provide me?
    • Success Advisors work with students to improve their academic performance. The most common topics include:
      • Time Management
      • Study Skills
      • Learning Strategies
      • Academic support resources
      • Motivation
      • Personal and/or financial stresses
      • Aligning career goals with your major


 Faculty & Staff: Make a Referral

Faculty and staff are encouraged to complete the referral form if you have concerns about a student’s:
  • class attendance
  • test scores (particularly D&F’s)
  • homework assignments (incomplete, or poorly completed)
  • class interaction/engagement

Upon receipt, the referred student will be contacted by a Student Success Advisor. Success Advisors assist students by connecting them with a variety of campus resources and services, or by trouble shooting issues (study skills, time management, tutoring assistance, etc.) to aid in the goal of degree completion.

If you would prefer to send your information in an Excel file, please upload the file to Box. Then send a link to the file to [email protected].