2018 Members:

Carol Rutlen Ezrati, Rutlen Associates, LLC
Shawn Harrison, Oracle
*Jeremy Hauk, Eide Bailly, LLP
Scott Holton, Rudd & Company, PLLC
Tim Kalberg, Perkins & Co.
Erica (Ricki) Lewis, Expedia Inc.
Keaster, Anderson ZurMuehlen
Todd Lindsey, Deloitte & Touche, LLP
Kenny Martin, Moss Adams
Morgan Scarr, Amatics CPA Group
Stacey Scott, West Paw Designs
Tom Simkins, Simkins-Hallin Lumber
Chris Smith, BDO USA, LLP
Mitchell Thompson, Emerald Oil, LLC
Shauna Watson, Resources Global Professionals
Todd Williamson
ShellyWong-Pinto, InSite Vision, Inc.


The purpose of the Accounting Advisory Council is to provide a forum for interaction between the business community and the accounting option in order to improve accounting education at Montana State University. The activities of the council are to:

  • Present the view points of the business community and inform the faculty about innovations and trends likely to influence accounting education.
  • Establish and improve an accounting alumni network, including support of a regular newsletter about the program.
  • Assist the accounting option in fund raising efforts.
  • Assist in recruiting high quality students into the accounting program, and provide encouragement to students already in the discipline.
  • Assist with summer or semester-long faculty and student internship programs, research projects, or work experiences in business or governmental agencies.
  • Assist in recruiting outstanding faculty members for the option.
  • Assist in obtaining and maintaining separate accreditation of the accounting program, according to guidelines developed by the AACSB.
  • Attract prominent accounting business persons to campus as guest lecturers.
  • Assist faculty research by identifying possible research topics and making contacts that can aid the researchers' efforts.
  • Review and provide advice about the accounting option's curriculum, programs, and courses.
  • Promote the image of the accounting option and Montana State University.