The Department of Agricultural Economics and Economics (DAEE) strives toward educating students in and out of the classroom, locally as well as globally.  Our students consistently report that the international experience courses they take through the DAEE are highly relevant, hands-on, life-changing experiences.


2018:  Agriculture in a Global Context
Ag Systems Under Major Policy Change
United Kingdom

Chillingham Castle

2016:  Agriculture in a Global Context
Following the Speciality Crops 

France Scenery

2014:  Agriculture in a Global Context
Investigating the Global Dimensions of the LivestockIndustry 
New Zealand

New Zealand Scenery

2011:  Agriculture in an Emerging Economy


2010: Follow the Grain Agriculture in a Global Context


2009:  Follow the Democracy
Economic Institutions and Economic Performance in a Global Context

Students in Greece

2009:  Food Processing Cooperatives
Central Valley, California

Sun Maid

2008:  Follow the Grain
Portland to China

 Great Wall

2007:  Follow the Beef Conception to Consumption
England, Ireland, Scotland