Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan for the
College of Education, Health and Human Development


Current Task force members: Alison Harmon, Colleen McMilin, Gilbert Kalonde, Vanessa Simonds, Jody Bartz, Anna Elliott, Genevieve Cox, Kasia Maison, Elizabeth Bird, Kristofer Olsen, Alex Aylward, Kayte Kaminski, & EHHD undergraduate and graduate student representatives.


EHHD Diversity Statement

The College of Education, Health and Human Development is committed to an environment that fosters diversity and inclusion of all individuals in our college and the MSU community. EHHD has an imperative to prepare all individuals within the college to be successful in a diverse world, and to be aware of power differentials, oppression, and privilege within society. We believe that each student, staff, and faculty member should feel welcomed and valued for their contributions to the educational process in all areas of teaching and learning, research, and service in the MSU community and beyond.

  • The management and oversight of the EHHD Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Plan will be part of the Assistant Dean/Director of Student Success position. This individual also serves as the EHHD Academic Diversity Partner.
  • The committee will come together on an annual basis to discuss and assess how the plan is being realized, align the plan with the university-wide strategic plan and diversity and inclusion framework, and gather additional data and information to ensure the plan is moving forward.

Top 5 Tips for Getting Started with Diversity and Inclusion work as an Educator in EHHD:

  1. Start Reading! A couple good starter books are listed below:
  2. Start Watching and Listening! A couple good starter films and podcasts are listed below:
  3. Add the EHHD Diversity Statement to your syllabus and your D2L course shell
  4. Attend a workshop or training (see “Educate Yourself at MSU” below)
  5. Set up a meeting with EHHD’s Academic Diversity Partner, Kayte Kaminski, to discuss this work. ([email protected])


EDUCATE Yourself at MSU!

There are a multitude of resources, trainings, and other ways to learn more about how diversity and inclusion play a role at MSU, and how to integrate this important work into your teaching, service, and work with students and other faculty and staff.