Thank you for trusting MSU to facilitate your pursuit of teacher licensure.  This webpage will help guide you through possible options.  After examining the choices below, please contact the Field Placement and Licensure (FPL) Office for further assistance.

Important: All teaching programs at MSU/Bozeman are undergraduate programs.  We have no graduate programs that lead to licensure.

Note: For all non-MSU/Bozeman students, the cost for assessing transcripts will be $250.00.  This fee is reimbursed for those who register for MSU/Bozeman classes following the assessment.

There are five general categories of individuals seeking Montana Educational Licensure.  To help you, we have provided links and instructions for each category:

MSU Bozeman Teacher Education Graduates Seeking Initial Licensure link Montana Licensed Educators Seeking Added Endorsements Licensed Teacher Out-of-State Seeking Montana Teaching Licensure
Post-Baccalaureates Seeding Initial Montana Teaching Licensure link White Square Career or Technical Specialist Without Montana Licensure link