Out-of-State Seeking Licensure


If you are certified to teach in another state and wish to obtain Montana teaching licensure, you must first apply through the Montana Office of Public Instruction http://opi.mt.gov/cert/Materials/materials.html  If you are denied certification due to needed requirements and can document this denial, the MSU Office of Field Placement and Licensure will review your request.


  1. …contact the MSU FPL Office http://www.montana.edu/fieldplacement/  to receive guidance for an assessment process including:
    •  …self-assessment of prior coursework and description of any requested substitution classes using the appropriate Licensure/Endorsement Assessment Tool: http://www.montana.edu/fieldplacement/licensure/postbac.html
    •  …development of a plan of study by MSU content expert (transcript needed for courses not completed through MSU/Bozeman)
  2. …apply to MSU/Bozeman or take courses from another nationally accredited university program: http://ope.ed.gov/accreditation/
  3. ...successfully meet all requirements.
  4. ...receive a University Recommendation sent to OPI from MSU