I am interested in becoming a teacher. Where do I begin?

I am a current MSU undergraduate seeking my first bachelor’s degree:

We are so glad that you are interested in becoming a teacher! Your next step is to visit our Education Advising Center to develop your plan and get started: http://www.montana.edu/education/advising/index.html 

I have a bachelor’s degree already and wish to become a teacher:

Thinking of becoming a teacher and already hold a bachelor’s degree? We are here to help you through the process of becoming a licensed teacher in Montana.

It is important to note that all teaching programs at MSU-Bozeman are offered at the undergraduate level. We currently do not offer a graduate program leading to a teaching license.

Here are the steps that you will take:

  • You will contact the Field Placement and Licensure Office Post-Baccalaureate Specialist to determine the best route forward.  Please email Jamie O’Callaghan for information.
  • After speaking with the Field Placement and Licensure Office you will go through the Licensure Endorsement Assessment Tool process. This process includes a self-assessment and faculty review to best determine your route and coursework to move forward. In this step you will find out the length of time it will take you to complete the teacher education program.
  • Apply to MSU! Your individual situation will determine your admission to MSU. You will work with the Field Placement and Licensure Office to determine the appropriate route for your circumstances.
  • As you work through the MSU Teacher Education program, you will interact with the Education Advising Center and the Field Placement and Licensure Office regularly to stay on track with all requirements.
  • Once your program is complete, you will go through the licensure process. The Field Placement and Licensure Office is your partner in this important and exciting step!

Some links you may find helpful as you begin this process:

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Academic Calendar

Financial Aid

Education Advising Center

Montana Office of Public Instruction

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