The resources on this page are here to help you understand the cost of attendance of graduate education at Montana State University.  

Montana State University graduate education is highly affordable and of great value.  View the graduate tuition and fee schedule here

Estimate of tuition and fees of 30 credit masters tuition and fees ** 

Resident of Montana $11,450
Eligible Western States and select programs*** $16,058
Non-resident $34,611


Assistantships are a great deal.  Students get a monthly stipend and their tuiton is almost always covered*.

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We have partnered with the Council of Graduate Schools to develop a great resource ( to help you:

  • Estimate the extra salary you may command with a graduate degree
  • Plan a budget
  • Negotiate your job offer at the end of graduate school


*If tuition is not covered, then it is charged at in-state rates

** Assumes master's completion in 4-semesters (without a graduate assistantship) at 2019/20 tuition & fee rates:

Online master's tuition details:

***WICHE graduate programs at MSU: