Each College at MSU is represented by one council member, except the Colleges of Letters and Science, Arts & Architecture, and Education & Health and Human Development who have two representatives each to better represent the dual disciplines in these colleges. Members must be tenured or tenure-track faculty. Each member has one vote. In addition to the college representation, there is one full-time graduate student, who is in good standing that represents the Graduate Student body. Ex Officio non-voting members include the Dean of the Graduate School the Vice-Chair of the MSU Faculty Senate and the Graduate Student representative.

Council Members for 2017/2018

Name Position Represents
John Borkowski Chair Science (Letters & Science)
Ahmed Al-Kaisy Vice-Chair Engineering
Brock Smith Member Agriculture
Chris Livingston Member Architecture (Arts & Architecture)
Dennis Aig Member Arts (Arts & Architecture)
Marc Giullian Member Business
Tena Versland Member Education (EHHD)
Ann Ewbank Alternate Education (EHHD)
Anna Elliott Member Health & Human Development (EHHD)
Jim Becker Alternate Health & Human Development (EHHD)
Robert Rydell Member Letters (Letters & Science)
Jean Shreffler-Grant Member Nursing
David Carlisle Staff Office of International Programs
Kathryn Bills Student Representative Earth Sciences
Michael Babcock Ex Officio Faculty Senate
Abigail Richards Ex Officio Faculty Senate
Karlene Hoo Ex Officio Graduate School


Policy & Procedures


Shreffler-Grant Versland Aig
Curriculum Livingston Rydell  Becker Babcock/Richards (alt)
Governance Borkowski Giullian Smith