What is LANDesk?

LANDesk is a remote desktop management solution that allows technical support staff to remotely perform a variety of support and service tasks for desktops connected to the MSU campus network. These support tasks include:

  • Running security patches and virus updates
  • Detecting & removing spyware automatically
  • Diagnosing and fixing system problems
  • Performing helpdesk support through secure remote assistance features
  • Maintaining hardware and software inventory information

LANDesk Security Suite improves the security and reliability of desktop computers in addition to increasing the efficiency, responsiveness, and scope of services that departmental IT support staff provide without the need or cost of additional staff.

To install the LANDesk agent on a Windows OS:

  1. Connect to the MSU network via a wired connection or MSU-Secure wireless.
  2. Install the LANDesk agent by running this package: \\ldms\agents\MSUWinautofix_with_status.exe
  1. Reboot (recommended) after installation is complete.

To install the LANDesk agent on a Mac OS X OS:

  1. Connect to the MSU network via a wired connection or MSU-Secure wireless.
  2. From Finder, choose Go.  Then Connect to Server  address is:  smb://
  3. When prompted for credentials put your NetID in the Name box and your domain password in the password box.
  4. When prompted to “Select the volumes you want to mount on “ldms”:” Select  agents.
  5. Copy the LDMSClient.mpkg to your desktop. (wait for the download to complete before proceeding).
  6. Open the LDMSClient.mpkg on the desktop.
  7. Choose Continue,  then select the destination drive  which is normally “Macintosh HD”  and choose continue.  Then choose to “install”.  You will be prompted for your local administrator credentials to proceed.
  8. The installation will run and once it is successful you can close the Window, then drag the LDMSClient.mpkg to the trash.
  9. A new icon will now be visible on your screen by the clock and wireless settings for the Mac.  Please click on “Inventory scan”.