Graduate Student Journal Club

Mondays from 9:00am-10:00am in the Cotner-Morris Conference Room (Lewis Room 110)

Seminars will take place on Tuesdays at 4:10 pm in Reid 103


Date of JC

Graduate Student Presenter

Date of Seminar


Title of Seminar

February 2


February 3

Dr. Noah Fierer

(Univ. of Colorado)

"Blowing in the wind: The microbial ecology of the atmosphere"

February 9


February 10



February 16


February 17

Dr. Lynn George

(Montana State Univ.)


February 23


February 24

Dr. Sergy Novitsky

(Vanderbilt University)

"TGFβ Signaling in Regulation of Immune Cell Functions During Tumor Progression"

March 2


March 3

Paramvir Dehal

(Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)


March 16


March 17

Dr. Paul Sumby

(University of Nevada)

"Small regulatory RNA's control virulence factor expression in the human bacterial pathogen group A Streptococcus"

March 23


March 24

Dr. Jeff Boyd

(Rutgers University)


March 30


March 31

Dr. John Alcorn 

(Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh)


April 6


April 7

Dr. David Leib

(Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth)

"Innate and autophagic responses of neurons to herpes simplex virus infection" 

April 13


April 14

Dr. Teresa Bergholz

(North Dakota State University)


April 20


April 21

Dr. Paul Falkowski

(Rutgers University)


April 27


April 28

Dr. Scott Miller

(Univ. of Montana)