All MBI graduate students are required to enroll in a 1-credit MB592 Journal Club session/course each semester in residence.


The information below is not up-to-date.  Information for the 2017-2018 Journal Club is forthcoming.


Date of JC

Graduate Student Presenter

Date of Seminar


Title of Seminar

August 31


September 1

Dr. Jennifer Bomberger

University of Pittsburgh

"Dysregulation of nutritional immunity drives viral-bacterial co-infections in the lung"

September 7


September 8

Dr. Heinz Feldmann 

NIH Rocky Mountain Laboratories


September 14


September 15

Dr. Christine Wobus

University of Michigan

"Using mouse models to study norovirus biology" 

September 21


September 22

Dr. Benjamin Segal

University of Michigan


September 28


September 29

Dr. Elizabeth Costello

Stanford University

"Human microbiome dynamics in the first 1,000 days of life" 

October 5


October 6

Dr. Lesley Smythies

University of Alabama -Bimingham


October 12


October 13

Dr. Lark Coffey

University of California - Davis

"Changing Transmission Dynamics of Chikungunya Virus:  Global Spread, Mechanisms of Emergence, and Predicting Epidemic Variants" 

October 19


October 20

Dr. Dana Carroll

University of Utah

"Genome Engineering with Targetable Nucleases" 

October 26


October 27

Dr. Anthony Nicola

Washington State University


November 2


November 3

Dr. Gregory Dick

University of Michigan

"Mighty cyanobacteria:  from oxygenation of ancient earth to degradation of modern waters" 

November 9


November 10

Dr. David Weiss

Emory University


November 16


November 17

Dr. Andrei Medvedev

University of Connecticut

"Regulation of Toll-like Receptor (TLR) Signaling:  Mutations, Post-Translational Modifications and TLR4 Tolerance"