News and Announcements

Dr. Ed Schmidt

March 2015 - Researchers from the lab of Dr. Ed Schmidt discover the important role of methionine in protecting liver cells.  

Researchers Justine Prigge and Sofi Eriksson, among others, from the lab for Dr. Schmidt published an article this month in Nature Communications looking into the important role of methionine as an antioxidant in the liver when other systems fail. MSU News spoke with Dr. Schmidt about the research and value of this discovery. 

Science Friday Logo

February 2015 - Brent Peyton of the Thermal Biology Institute featured in Science Friday article

MSU's Dr. Brent Peyton, of the Thermal Biology Institute and Dr. Joseph Shaw, of the Optical Technology Center, talk to Science Friday about what causes the brilliant colors in the famous Yellowstone thermal spring, Morning Glory Pool, and what it might have looked like before human influence.

Alayna Caffrey

January 2015 - Alayna Caffrey, from the lab of Dr. Josh Obar, discovers key to fighting pulmonary infection

Doctoral student, Alayna Caffrey, along with MSU researchers and co-authors Margaret (Peggy) Lehmann, Julianne Zickovich, Chritopher Watschke, Kimberly Hilmer and Dr. Josh Obar, published an important paper this week that looks at key traits for fighting fungal infection in the lungs. MSU News spoke with Alayna and Dr. Obar this week.

bat cave

January 2015 - Dr. Raina Plowright talks bats with The New York Times

Dr. Raina Plowright recently spoke with Natalie Angier of The New York Times about the amazing immune systems of bats, the role that bats play in spearing viruses, and their potential to give us clues into preventing disease in the future.

For further reading view Raina's recent publication on bat virus spillover in the November volume of the research journal Proceedings B.

Cover of the Journal of Leukocyte Biology

January 2015 - Dr. Al Jesaitis' research is featured on the cover of the Journal of Leukocyte Biology

View the current research of MSU faculty emeritus Dr. Al Jesaitis and fellow MSU researchers Jeannie Gripentrog, Connie Lord, and Marcia Riesselman in the current publication of the Journal of Leukosite Biology.  

Artists version of early earth

October 2014 - Dr. Eric Boyd to help lead $7 million NASA project looking into early life on earth

Eric Boyd, and the Rock-Powered Life team, for which he is the deputy director, have been awarded $7 million dollars as part of a NASA project that is dedicating $50 million dollars towards the study of the origins, evolution, distribution and future of life in the universe.  The nation wide Rock-Powered Life Team will be looking into microbes that are able to subsist off of the chemical energy that is released when rock and water interact at low temperatures. 

Mark Quinn in the lab

October 2014 - Dr. Mark Quinn interviewed by the Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Mark Quinn talks to Gail Schontzler, of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, about our department's recently awarded $5.4 million grant from the National Institute of Health for the study of infectious diseases.

cover of AEM magazine

October 2014 - Dr. Eric Boyd AEM publication

View the current research of Dr. Eric Boyd in the journal of Applied & Environmental Microbiology.  Learn about how microbial communities survive and thrive in subglacial habitats cut off from the outside world.


October 2014 - Fermentoberfest!

We are happy to announce: Fermentoberfest! The inaugural first-Friday Department of Microbiology and Immunology Social will take place on Friday, October 3 at the 406 Brewing Company / Wild Rye Distilling at 101 East Oak Street from 4:00 to 5:30. At 4:00, the brewers will give a tour of the brewery and distillery. This event (and subsequent first-Friday events) is envisioned as a means to further develop personal and professional relationships among the graduate students and faculty of the department. Please plan on attending!  Organized by: Eric Boyd, Ryan Jones, and Seth Walk.

Zoe Harrold inside a large ice cave

September 2014 - Zoe Harrold, of the Boyd Lab, featured in Seattle Times front page article

View this amazing photo essay on the current research of postdoctoral resident, Zoe Harrold, who works in the labs of Dr. Eric Boyd's and Dr. Mark Skidmore.

Cover of Science Magazine

September 2014 - Weidenheft Lab on the cover of Science Magazine

View the recent research coming out of Dr. Blake Weidenheft's lab from Ryan Jackson, Sarah Golden, Paul van Erp and Joshua Carter.

Researchers in the Weidenheft Lab have made a significant contribution to the understanding of a new field of DNA research, with the acronym CRISPR, that holds enormous promise for fighting infectious diseases and genetic disorders.

Dr. Mark Jutila in his office

July 2014 - Dr. Jutila named Department Head of Microbiology & Immunology

Dr. Mark Jutila, professor of immunology and infectious diseases, has been named Department Head for the Department of Microbiology and Immunology. 


Old picture of Lewis Hall

November 2013 - Microbiology and Immunology Departments to Merge

The Montana Board of Regents learned at its Nov. 22 meeting in Bozeman that the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education has approved MSU's request to merge the Department of Microbiology in the College of Letters and Science and the Department of Immunology and Infectious Diseases in the College of Agriculture. Supporters said the union will enhance teaching and research in biomedical and environmental microbiology, two of MSU’s major strengths.