This handbook has been written so that each graduate student in this department may have a copy of the policies and procedures of the Department of Microbiology and Cell Biology that affect the Graduate Programs. Microbiology & Cell Biology students who are affiliated with other research units on or off campus must also abide by these policies and procedures.

The Graduate Program Committee is responsible for administration of the MCB Graduate Program. Apparent conflicts in procedures should be resolved by first consulting the chairperson of the Graduate Program Committee, then the Department Head, and finally the Dean of the Graduate School. 

The requirements outlined in this manual should be considered minimal and may be modified by the student's Doctoral or Masters Committee according to the student's need. Students entering the graduate program must meet the requirements of the Graduate School and the requirements of the Department contained in the Graduate Student Handbook. Students can elect to adopt the requirements and policies associated with any revised handbooks during the course of their studies. If so elected, the student will be expected to adhere to all of the new requirements for the completion of their degree.

You may download a printable copy of the entire handbook.