The Department is housed in a state-of-the-art facility with core laboratories for flow cytometry, cell biology, and molecular sciences, as well as pathogen containment facilities for small (BSL-3) and large animal research (ABSL-2).  Instrumentation suites house equipment for DNA sequencing, genomic analysis, flow cytometry and cell sorting, and confocal microscopy.


Cooley Lab

Front Desk: (406) 994-2902

Cooley is a locked facility.  If you have an appointment or need access to the building, please come to the department's main office at 109 Lewis Hall.


Molecular Biosciences Lab

Front Desk: (406) 994-4706



 Additional Facilities 

Conference Room Reservation

Cotner-Morris (Lewis Hall 110) and Cooley Conference Rooms may be reserved by contacting the Microbiology and Cell Biology Office at [email protected].