Maes Flock





Monthly Research Series 

Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month from 1:00PM  - 2PM     

Location: ABB138    

WebEx Option:   

If you would like to receive emails about this research series, please contact [email protected]    
Meeting format: 20-30 min presentation, 20-30 min discussion.    

10/4/23 General discussion and planning Strategy meeting
11/1/23 Dr. Helen Schwantje Local and systemic antibiotic treatment to eliminate M. ovi infection from domestic sheep   
12/6/23 Dr. Emily Almberg, MT FWP

Coproducing science to evaluate contact risk factors between wild and domestic sheep in Montana: A study overview

Upcoming Speakers Spring, 2024

Dr. Kezia Manlove (Utah State University), Kurt Alt (Wild Sheep Foundation), Galen Osheastone (Chemistry and Biochemistry), Donna Lawson (MSU Alumni Foundation)

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