Commission Membership

Organizational Flow-chart

Dr. Anne Camper
Associate Dean
College of Engineering
Dr. C. Graham Austin
Chair of Women’s Faculty Caucus
College of Business
Camie Bechtold
Associate Athletic Director 
Bobcat Athletics
Rebecca Belou
Planning and Analysis Representative
Planning and Analysis
Mary Kay Bonilla
Representative – Great Falls Campus
Executive Director of Human Resources 
Kari Cargill
Adjunct Union President
Department of Microbiology
Betsy Danforth 
Program Director
Women’s Center
Dennis Defa
Chief Human Resource Officer
Office of Human Resources
Ariel Donohue
Program Manager
Diversity Awareness Office
Ariel Donohue
Representative of Staff Senate
Office of Activities and Engagement 
Dr. Christina Fastnow
Staff Representative
Planning and Analysis
Allison Flynn Kosto
Extension Representative
4-H Department 
Joyce Herbeck
Faculty Senate Representative
Dr. Joy Crissey Honea
Representative – Billings Campus
Department of Sociology 
Dr. Kristen Intemann 
Women & Gender Studies Committee Chair
Department of History and Philosophy
Diane Letendre 
Office Institutional Equity
Dr. Marilyn Lockhart
Director of Faculty Development (Interim )
Provost Office
Erin McCormick
Assistant Director
Career, Internship and Student Employment Services
Lindsay Murdock
ASMSU Student Representative


Celia O’Connor
Community Representative
MSU Alumna
Dr. Carolyn Plumb
Chair of Professional Council
College of Engineering
Dr. Lynda Ransdell
Dr. Sara Rushing
University Family Advocate
Department of Political Science
Alanna Sherstad
Program Director 
VOICE Center
Dr. Tracy Sterling
Academic Department Head
Department of Land Resources and Environmental Sciences
Dr. Jessi Smith
Chair of ADVANCE Grant
Department of Psychology
Dr. Rosalyn Templeton
Representative – Havre Campus
Provost and Vice Chancellor 
Michelle Tigges
Graduate Student Representative


Staff Support
Christina Head McKenney
Office of Institutional