Goal 1: Engage in ongoing monitoring and assessment of gender equity and inclusivity within the MSU System.

Strategy 1: Working with appropriate partners (e.g. Affirmative Action and/or HR offices on each campus), assess genderequity for all employee categories.

    • Activity: Assemble existing gender and diversity data.
    • Activity: Identify appropriate external benchmarks for success.
    • Activity: Create easily interpreted reports and disseminate findings.

Strategy 2: Conduct a systematic assessment of university policies for unintended bias or adverse effects on women and diverse communities.

    • Activity: Participate in the 3 year Legal Council policy reviews.
    • Activity: Flag specific policies that may need closer review.
    • Activity: Create a process for the university community, organizations, and groups to suggest to the commission policies they believe need review.

Strategy 3: Conduct an MSU system-wide evaluation of gender equity and inclusiveness through a climate study.

    • Activity: Develop or adapt an assessment instrument that will enable widespread participation and reliable results.

Goal 2: Lead a collaborative effort within and among key stakeholders and partners and actively participate in shared governance.

Strategy 1: Serve as a central clearinghouse for efforts on inclusion and diversity.

    • Activity: Create an online clearinghouse of activities, resources, and partner organizations.

Strategy 2: Identify and build partnerships with key stakeholders through communication and collaboration.

    • Activity: Ensure commission seeks and provides input to key University-wide committees.
    • Activity: Work with employee governance groups, offering expertise and resources on gender equity issues.

Strategy 3: Maintain a strong relationship with the University Vice Presidents, Deans, and other Leadership Positions.

    • Activity: Advise the President and campus on gender issues through a widely distributed annual report.

Goal 3: Improve campus climate through education, visibility and the celebration of gender equity and diversity in the MSU system.

Strategy 1: Promote and host workshops, focus groups, webinars and other educational opportunities to foster awareness of unconscious bias.

    • Activity: Work in collaboration with current MSU system offices that provide training to employees.

Strategy 2: Develop a centralized resource of information on gender equity and diversity.

Strategy 3: Investigate a mechanism for an award structure that recognizes success in increasing and supporting diversity and people who promote diversity within the MSU system.

    • Activity: Include a list of award winners in areas related to gender equity and inclusiveness in the annual report to the President.
    • Activity: Link to other gender equity programs’ highlights and award winners.
    • Activity: Increase gender equity in applications of current campus awards.

*Note: All data gathering and information requests should include web based and non-computer based approaches to ensure all employee voices are heard.