Montana State University, in partnership with the MSU Alumni Foundation and the Provost's Office, have reestablished a group for Montana State University retirees. The prior Association, known as ARF – Association of Retired Faculty, was founded in 2004 by a group of retired faculty who wished to retain ties to the University.  The new MSU Retiree Association is open to all retired faculty, professional and classified staff and is a non-dues paying organization.  Every MSU retiree and spouse is a member!

The transition into retirement poses many challenges. Retirees from the University have often spent decades with the institution, and leaving can quickly distance them from the community they called home for so many years. The financial considerations that retirement brings also leaves many retirees with questions about their benefits and financial planning. 

The MSU Retiree Association seeks to provide MSU retirees the opportunity to engage and reconnect on campus through volunteer opportunities, as well as resources to provide guidance on benefits, finances, health and a range of other topics.  In addition, the MSU Retiree Association will host several events throughout the year, including lunch and learn seminars, workshops on a variety of subjects such as new enrollment rules for 2017, pre-retirement planning panels and socials to connect with other retirees.  Please see the list of events below.

The Association is currently looking for retirees to serve on the Advisory Council where you can choose to help with planning events, working on communication pieces and having a voice in your MSU Retiree Association. 

Current Advisory Board Members: Ken Bowers; Jerry Coffey; Al Cunningham; Norm Eggert; Bob Lashaway; Pierce Mullen; Pat Simmons. 

With the switch from a dues paying membership, the Association is now seeking donations to continue to provide quality information and programing to retirees. To donate online go to .

For more information on either volunteering or giving, contact Dawn Silva at or by phone at: 994-4882. 



Upcoming Events

May 5, 2017, Friday, 3:30-5:00 pm at the MSU Alumni Foundation Building.  Bozeman Estate Planning Workshop.  Although not an MSU Retiree Association Event, you are invited to this free workshop presented by Dr. Marsha Goetting of MSU Extension.  For more information and to RSVP -

May 16, 2017, Tuesday, 5:30-8:30 pm at the MSU Alumni Foundation Building.  MSU Retiree Association Annual Dinner.  For more information and to RSVP -

Recent Events

April 18, 2017.  Lunch and Learn Presentation.  HEALTH INSURANCE --Doug Young, a 2010 retiree and a member of the MSU Retiree Association facilitated a discussion with a Medicare navigator and an ACA Marketplace specialist on the various health insurance options available to retirees with the goal of helping retirees navigate the public Medicare and ACA marketplace.   

March 23, 2017.  The MSU Retiree Association and the MSU Alumni Foundation hosted a Lunch and Learn Presentation by Leon Costello, the MSU Director of Athletics, on Bobcat Athletics, including student-athlete highlights and a vision for the future. 

January 11, 2017.  New Year Social to celebrate the new year and learn about upcoming events in 2017.  Held in the Copeland Gallery. 

November 15, 2016. The MSU Retiree Association and the MSU Alumni Foundation hosted a Lunch and Learn presentation entitled: MUS Health Care Re-enrollment--A Retiree's Perspective.  This presentation covered the complexities and various offerings of Medicare coverage available in the public marketplace.  The speaker was Peggy Tombre from the State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) and there was a panel that included three retired professors who have served on the MUS Interunits Benefits Committee.  The program was dedicated to helping retirees with the public Medicare marketplace, neither MUS programs nor MUS Choices were discussed. 

October 18,2016,  The MSU Retiree Association and the MSU Alumni Foundation hosted a Lunch and Learn presentation by Bob Lashaway, retired Vice President of University Services, on "An Overview of the Major Changes to the Physical Environment of MSU Over the Past 25 Years"  

September 27, 2016.  The MSU Retiree Association and the MSU Alumni Foundation presented Lunch and Learn:  "Right Brain/Left Brain Language".   Dr. John Miller and Dr. Jerry Coffey presented this seminar on the basic physiological structure of the brain and how to maintain brain health as one ages . To view a pdf version of the slides used in the presentation, click on this link pdf2 .   Also available are seven short Science Digest articles on how language use can influence brain ageing; they are available as the following links 1-7.  1:   2;    3;    4;    5;    6;    7.

Items of Interest

"Retired Faculty Giving on the Rise at MSU" , a fall 2015 news release from the MSU Foundation spotlights donations from retired MSU Faculty.

"Orphaned at Age 67:  An Organization for Retired Faculty at MSU-Bozeman"  An article by Robert Swenson detailing the rationale for the founding of MSU ARF -- from Montana Professor, 2005

"The Impending Retirement Crisis" -- A journal article in the Spring 2014 issue of "Montana Professor" by Jerome Coffey, Emeritus Professor, MSU-Bozeman, discusses many facets of the problems Montana universities face in dealing with recent changes in retirement issues.

 The Chronicle of Higher Education  published three comment pieces in November, 2014 about how and when university faculty should best retire.  "The Forever Professors" implies that senior faculty should retire earlier rather than later; "Ageism in Academe" responds that senior professors are more productive in their later years and should continue in their appointments; "Dignity in Retirement is Not Too Much to Ask"  suggests that there are retirement arrangements that benefit both the retiring faculty and their university, mostly by the availability of opportunities for retired faculty to continue to work.

ARF Newsletters.  An archive of ARF newsletters from 2009-2014 is available in the "Links" section of this web site.