Association of Retired Faculty

NOTE:   The MSU Association of Retired Faculty is now being sponsored by the MSU Alumni Foundation and will be known as the MSU Retirees Association.   Participation is open to all MSU retired faculty, staff, and their spouses.



Tuesday, September 27, 2016, 12-1pm.  The MSU Retiree Association and the MSU Alumni Foundation present Lunch and Learn:  "Right Brain/Left Brain Language".   Dr. John Miller and Dr. Jerry Coffey will be presenting this seminar on the basic physiological structure of the brain and how to maintain brain health as one ages .  The seminar will be held in the MSU Alumni Foundation Great Room, 1501 South 11th Avenue in Bozeman.  You are encouraged to bring lunch with you, it will not be provided.  The MSU Retiree Association is open to all retired staff and faculty and their spouses.  There is an RSVP form available by calling 855-850-2586.  Questions, please email .  To view a pdf version of the slides to be used in the presentation click on this link pdf2 .   Also available are seven short Science Digest articles on how language use can influence brain ageing; they are available as the following links 1-7.  1:   2;    3;    4;    5;    6;    7.

 Items Of Interest

"How Retirement Benefits Will Change in 2016" is a November 2015 article in US News & World Report that explains some changes in potential retirement accounts and social security benefits for those making plans for retirement.

"Nearly Half of Senior Tenured Faculty Want to Delay Retirement" , an article published in October, 2015 in Inside Higher Ed, discusses a recent study by the TIAA CREF Institute on this topic and provides a link to the original study. The lead paragraph notes that some 65% of tenured senior faculty plan to delay retirement for one reason or another.

"Retired Faculty Giving on the Rise at MSU" , a fall 2015 news release from the MSU Foundation spotlights donations from retired MSU Faculty.

"Orphaned at Age 67:  An Organization for Retired Faculty at MSU-Bozeman"  An article by Robert Swenson detailing the rationale for the founding of MSU ARF -- from Montana Professor, 2005

"The Impending Retirement Crisis" -- A journal article in the Spring 2014 issue of "Montana Professor" by Jerome Coffey, Emeritus Professor, MSU-Bozeman, discusses many facets of the problems Montana universities face in dealing with recent changes in retirement issues.

 The Chronicle of Higher Education  published three comment pieces in November, 2014 about how and when university faculty should best retire.  "The Forever Professors" implies that senior faculty should retire earlier rather than later; "Ageism in Academe" responds that senior professors are more productive in their later years and should continue in their appointments; "Dignity in Retirement is Not Too Much to Ask"  suggests that there are retirement arrangements that benefit both the retiring faculty and their university, mostly by the availability of opportunities for retired faculty to continue to work.

ARF Newsletter. The last edition of the ARF NEWSLETTER is available online. An archive of newsletters is available in the "Links" section of the web site.



The purpose of the Association of Retired Faculty of Montana State University - Bozeman is to foster the benefit, interests and well being of retired faculty and spouses through social, educational, and promotional activities, as well as to encourage continuing retiree contact and involvement with the University. In so doing, helping to enrich the personal and professional lives of persons in the University and the greater community.

Officers of the Association of Retired Faculty assume the roles of communicator, advocate, liaison and ombudsman regarding retirement policies and practices in cooperation with other divisions of the University.

Membership is open to retired MSU faculty and spouses, as well as retired faculty from other universities who have a relationship with MSU.

The Association of Retired Faculty at Montana State University was founded in 2004 by a group of retired faculty who wished to retain ties to the University and continue to contribute to University programs in a variety of ways. The constitution of the Association was approved by the membership in October of 2004.

Goals include improving retirement benefits, and promotion of numerous avenues for retirees to remain socially active, productive and up to date on health and economic issues.

The Association of Retired Faculty helps provide all faculty with important news about retirement income, and health insurance.

Minds are stimulated by offering a variety of informative talks by experts on the many and varied aspects of our community, the state, and the nation.

Opportunities are provided to meet with others for local activities and by hosting an annual dinner.

Article by Robert Swenson Detailing Rationale for the Founding of MSU ARF --from Montana Professor, 2005