Medical Benefits for MSU Retired Faculty


Medical Insurance -- Details of medical benefits available for MSU retirees are provided at theMontana University System Choices Web Site

The Prescription Drug Program, URx, for those using Choices insurance plans is described in detail on the URx web site.

A description of the Quality Care Choices Program to help employees, retirees, and their enrolled dependents living with certain serious diseases is available as a link on the Choices web site.

MUS Wellness Programs -- Retirees utilizing many of the medical benefit programs have access to the University System wellness programs. See the MUS Wellness web page for details.

MSU Counseling and Psychological Services -- Limited services are available for MSU retirees. See the MSU CPS web page for details.

Notes Regarding Medical Benefits -- based on notes from Ken Hapner, past member of the MUS InterUnits Benefits Committee, MSU ARF Member

All retirees from MSU are eligible to remain on the university’s self-insured medical benefits program, with some caveats.  The retiree will no longer have access to the State of Montana’s financial contribution to the plan. Therefore, each retiree must pay the full amount of their insurance premium. An overview of the MUS health plans is available at MUS Choices.

For those who are considering leaving the university’s insurance plan, it should be noted that you can not get back on the plan once you leave it.

One thing to note about Medicare and how it interacts with the university’s plan is the fact that as long as you are employed more than 50% by the university, the university insurance is the primary carrier for you, and Medicare is the secondary carrier (if you are 65 or older).  Once you retire, and are Medicare eligible, then Medicare becomes the primary carrier, and the university is the secondary carrier. All Medicare eligible retirees must be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B in order to be covered by the MUS health benefits program. You must not enroll in Medicare Part D (drug plan) or you will loose your eligibility to remain in the MUS Plan. MUS has its own prescription drug coverage.

Current Plans: For plan-year 2016-2017, a non-Medicare retiree has access to a choice of three $750 deductible Managed Care plans. Medicare enrolled retirees have access to a choice of three $750 deductible Managed Care plans as well as a Medicare Advantage Plan.  All include a pharmaceutical (prescription drug) component. Also, Dental Health and Vision plans are optionally available to retirees. The Medicare Advantage Plan (MUS MAP) for retirees is a co-pay plan (no deductibles) that involves minimal paperwork and provides premium savings compared to the other plans. To qualify for MAP, you and your spouse must both be enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B and must be Montana residents living in Montana at least six months each year.