Legislative Report


The Association of Retired Faculty of Montana State University strives to promote the well being of retired faculty and spouses through social, educational, and promotional activities, as well as to encourage continuing retiree contact and involvement with the University. In so doing, helping to enrich the personal and professional lives of persons in the University and the greater community.

Legislative issues of primary concern to retired faculty as well as to the general university community are followed and appropriate levels of input are made to legislative officials on all such matters of interest


Montana Legislature Web Site


The MUS has a web page devoted to following legislation of interest to the system, as well as the executive budget.

OTHER BILLS OF INTEREST from the 2017 Legislative Session

HB 14.   PROVIDING FUNDING AND AUTHORIZATION FOR CAPITAL AND INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS STATEWIDE; AUTHORIZATION FOR CAPITAL PROJECTS.  (This bonding bill is involved in Romney Hall construction as well as numerous other building projects.)  This bill has been heard in the Joint Appropriations Subcommittee on Long Range Planning (1/27) and is awaiting executive action.

HB 2. APPROPRIATING MONEY TO VARIOUS STATE AGENCIES FOR THE BIENNIUM ENDING JUNE 30, 2019.  (General Appropriations Bill that included the University System and the MSU budget.) The section of this bill on Higher Education is being heard the week of January 30 in the Joint Appropriations Subcommittee on Education.