E-mail -- The montana.edu e-mail account is automatically continued for emeritus faculty until the account has not been used for a period of two years. Other retirees can maintain their e-mail accounts if ITC receives a letter from their department head indicating that ITC should leave the account open. Again, if the account is inactive for two years, it will be closed. Your montana.edu e-mail account will be discontinued the day of your retirement unless one of these arrangements has been previously made with ITC.

Parking on campus -- The 2017-2018 MSU Parking Regulations  state the following:  "Retirees, or the spouse of a deceased retiree, from Montana State University - Bozeman may be entitled to a single SB permit, free of charge. Each permit will be valid for up to four years and can be transferred between vehicles. Documentation is to be provided by University Personnel & Payroll to substantiate retired status."  Contact the MSU Police Department at 7th and Kagy to obtain your permit.

CAT CARD -- Retiree's need an MSU CAT CARD for access to athletic / gym facilities. MSU CAT CARD's or replacements are available at the CAT CARD Office located under the Miller Dining Commons (in the Hedges Complex). There is a $15 charge for the card.

Library -- All citizens of Montana have access to the MSU library.  Emeritus faculty retain their MSU library privileges.  An MSU NetID is required for a library account.

Research -- Retiree's may serve as a Principal Investigator on an externally funded research program if they have a minimum of 0.1 FTE appointment  (see "Principal Investigator Guide" from the Office of Sponsored Programs, Appendix D, Who May Serve as a PI?).

ASMSU Recreational Facilities/ Fitness Access -- Retirees have access to the gym and recreational facilities at a reduced rate as described on the Recreational Sports/ Fitness web page.

ASMSU Outdoor Recreation Program -- Retired faculty have access to equipment rentals.  Verification of the retiree's status is required. For details on services and equipment offered, see the  Outdoor Recreation web page.

Athletic tickets -- At this time there is no special provision for retirees. Retirees who are members of the MSU Alumni Association qualify for alumni discounts which currently are listed on the Alumni Association web site as 20% off season and single game tickets for volleyball, men's basketball and women's basketball.

MUS Wellness Programs -- Retirees utilizing the MUS medical benefit programs have access to the University System wellness programs.  See the MSU Wellness web page for details. 


 Privileges of Emeritus Status:  -- Quoted from the MSU faculty handbook (effective date, July 1, 2017).

"Emeritus status shall entail continued campus courtesies including, but not necessarily limited to, the options to:

a. use library facilities,

b. use recreational facilities at a reduced rate,

c. participate in academic convocations, commencements, and other academic endeavors,

d. request that their names be retained in the university catalog, if desired, until their death,

e. attend, without vote, meetings of their department and college,

f. act as principal investigator for MSU grant proposals consistent with the policies of the Office of Sponsored Programs,

g. request office, laboratory space, and/or secretarial help, as available. Since the resources of the various departments vary, no university-wide policy can guarantee access. Such accommodations may be extended to emeritus faculty with the understanding that the instructional, research, and service requirements of the tenurable faculty have priority.

Note: Any or all privileges granted emeritus faculty may be rescinded should it become necessary to do so."