The Allen Yarnell Center for Student Success and Access Success programs are enormously proud of our graduates and their accomplishments. We recognize their excellence in academic, personal, and professional skill-building endeavors as 1893 Scholars at Montana State University. These scholars represent the best of Montana having benefited from Montana State University’s land grant mission for higher education and investment in the lives of Montanans.


2024 Graduate Spotlight

Logan Ball
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a minor in History
"1893 was a huge part of my success in my final year of college,
I quite literally could not have done it without their support.
The financial and advising aspects of the scholarship go a long way
for sure,but the people and relationships you cultivate make you
feel encouraged and able to succeed. They do absolutely
everything they can to see to that." - Logan Ball
Layton McCafferty
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Interdisciplinary Studies with a minor in French
Ryann Spang
Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design
MaggieJo Widdicombe
Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences – Paleontology

2022 Graduates

Layne John
Congratulations to two of our Fall 2022 graduates, Layne Rindall (left) and John Dolph (right).