Under normal conditions, your CatCard should last a very long time. Please refer to the following list of suggestions to ensure the durability of your card:

  • Store your CatCard in a protective cover in your wallet (protective sleeves are available free of charge at the CatCard office). There are also soft cases to attach to cell phones and lanyards with card grippers available for purchase at the CatCard office for $2.00.
  • Keep your CatCard away from all magnets and magnetic fields, such as computers, speakers, or disk drives, as this may de-magnetize your card and cause it not to work.
  • Do not punch holes in your CatCard - this will shorten the life of your card and may damage the inner workings of the card. If you would like to attached your CatCard to a lanyard, or other device, please visit the CatCard office to obtain a free card grip or to purchase other card case options.
  • Do not attach your CatCard to a key ring with keys. Keys will scratch your card and can cause it not to work.
  • Do not wash your CatCard in a washing machine.
  • Do not use your CatCard as an ice scraper.
  • Do not bend, scratch or chew on your CatCard.

If your CatCard becomes de-magnetized but the card and mag-stripe are still in good condition, please bring it to the CatCard office and we will re-magnetize it for you at no charge. If your CatCard should need to be replaced, the replacement fee is $20.00.