Get Your CatCard

New students will receive their first CatCard during orientation. New undergraduate or graduate students will be charged a $15.00 fee on their first semester student bill. All others will be charged at the time of card production. Please bring a valid government-issued photo ID with you to the CatCard office. A CatCard cannot be issued without identity verification.

The same undergraduate or graduate CatCard is used during your entire stay as an MSU undergraduate or graduate student. MSU undergraduates that continue in the MSU graduate program will need to get a new graduate card in order to access graduate-level research material in the library.

University privileges are not available for students until all fees are paid and attendance is confirmed.

Interlink students and students attending Gallatin College will need to pay the $15.00 CatCard fee at time of production.

A $15.00 fee will be charged for all replacement cards regardless of reason for re-issuance.

Visiting students and research scholars need to bring a letter from their sponsoring department along with a valid government-issued photo ID. A CatCard cannot be issued without identity verification. The CatCard fee is $15.00.

Using Your CatCard

The CatCard is your identification card for Montana State University-Bozeman. The CatCard is used as your meal card, library card and laundry card. Your CatCard can also get you in to residence halls and academic buildings after-hours, student activities, the Rec. Sports & Fitness Center, computer and math labs, student health service and much more. The locations page lists all of the places where you can use your CatCard.


By depositing money at the CatCard office or online, your CatCard can be used as a debit card at various campus vendor locations.

Residence Halls

Students living on campus can use their CatCards to gain entrance to the residence halls. Also, the laundry machines in residence halls only use the CatCard. You must have money (CatCash) deposited on to your CatCard in order to use the laundry machines. Laundry costs $2.00/load for washers and $2.00/load for dryers.

WEPA Printing Kiosks (Residence Halls)

Use your CatCard to pay for printing and to access the WEPA printing kiosks in Residence Halls. For more information on WEPA printing, please visit the Residence Life website.

Meal Pass

Both dining halls on campus use the CatCard to gain entrance. For more information on the dining halls and resident or commuter student meal plans, please contact the Residence Life Cashiers Office at 994-2942 or visit the MSU Culinary Services website.

Student Ticket Info

MSU students taking at least 7 credits or more receive one free ticket to all MSU games. All student tickets are paperless. Football game tickets must be downloaded to the student's CatCard via For all other games, students just need a valid CatCard to gain entrance to the game. For more information on tickets please visit or call 406-994-CATS. Students attending Gallatin College will have to pay an additional fee to be eligible for student tickets. Please go to the MSU Student Accounts Office in Montana Hall to pay this fee.

Champ Change (Undergraduates Only)

Take your CatCard to designated Champ Change events to earn points. For more information, please visit the Champ Change website.

Student Printing Funds (Student Computer Labs & Library)

As a registered student, you will receive $7.50 per semester via your CatCard for printing. The printing money is only good on black/white printers, not photocopies, color printers, or CopyCats prints. Once this money is depleted you can deposit money onto your CatCard to continue printing.

Recreational Sports and Fitness Center

The Rec. Sports and Fitness Center uses either the CatCard to gain entrance to the center. Gym privileges are not available until all fees are paid and attendance is confirmed. Students attending Gallatin College will have to pay an additional fee for gym access. Please go to the MSU Student Accounts Office in Montana Hall to pay this fee.