What is the mailing address for the Student Accounts Office?

The Student Accounts Office mailing address is PO Box 172640, Bozeman, MT 59717-2640.

Where is your office located on campus?

We are located on the first floor of Montana Hall Room 121. Please refer to the Campus Map.

How can I contact someone in the Student Accounts Office?

You can contact someone in our office by phone, 406-994-1991 - email: [email protected] - or fax 406-994-1954.

What are your hours?

The Student Accounts office accepts walk-in traffic Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm. Our cashiers accept payments Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm.

I was told to 'confirm my bill' what does this mean and how do I do it?

Confirming your bill (paying fees) is MSU's way of verifying that you are truly attending classes for the semester before we process refunds to students. All students must confirm their bill (pay fees) by the fee payment deadline. This can be accomplished in several ways:

  1. If all costs are paid by you, you will need to pay all fees before the fee payment deadline. Fees can be paid via MyInfo by selecting Electronic Billing and Payment, mailing a check or money order to Student Accounts, PO Box 172640, Bozeman, MT 59717-2640, or in person at the cashiers located on the first floor of Montana Hall.
  2. If a portion of the costs are paid from other sources (i.e. financial aid, athletics, vocational rehabilitation) and there is a remaining balance, you must pay that balance in one of the above ways before the deadline.
  3. If all your costs are paid from other sources (i.e. financial aid, athletics, vocational rehabilitation) and you have a zero or negative balance, you must confirm your bill by clicking on the "Confirm" button at the bottom of your web bill in "MyInfo" before the deadline.

Where are the deadlines published for fee payment, drop/add etc?

Where can I find how much I owe the University?

MSU uses a paperless billing system. To view your web bill, students may log in to MyInfo and select Electronic Billing and Payment.   Students may also setup an authorized payer, such as a parent, to receive and pay bills electronically from the Quikpay button on this web page. It is the student's responsibility to review their charges online and confirm their bill (pay fees) by the deadline. A $40 Late Fee will be assessed for all students who have not confirmed their bill (paid fees) by the deadline.

How do I pay my bill?

  • Online - Students may pay their bills online by eCheck or credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express) by logging in to MyInfo and selecting Electronic Billing and Payment. Students may also setup authorized payers, such as parents or grandparents, to receive electronic statements and make payments using Quikpay.
  • In Person - Students may pay in person by check, credit/debit card or cash at the Cashiers' window on the first floor of Montana Hall from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday - Friday.
  • By Mail - payments can be mailed to the Student Accounts Office, PO Box 172640, Bozeman, MT 59717-2640. If you are using Fedex/UPS you will need to use our physical address: 121 Montana Hall, Bozeman, MT 59717. Please make checks payable to Montana State University, and include your MSU student ID#.

How often do you bill during the semester?

MSU uses a paperless billing system. We send monthly e-mail reminders throughout the semester to your designated MSU e-mail account. Please check your account on a regular basis for important information.

Why doesn't my bill itemize better?

Students may click on the "Show Detail" button at the bottom of the web bill. This will enable the user to see individual tuition and fee amounts.

Are there payment plans offered and how much do they cost?

MSU does offer a Tuition Payment Plan. An installment loan application must be submitted for each semester and each application has a $30 non-refundable processing fee. Information regarding payment plans and application

When are my Tuition Payment Plan payments due?

Pay your first installment according to established fee payment procedures. The second, third, and fourth installments are due as follows:

Fall Semester Spring Semester
October 1 February 1
November 1 March 1
December 1 April 1


How do I waive my health insurance fee?

Students must log in to MyInfo then navigate to Student Services then to Student Health Services to check your Health Insurance Status and view instructions to waive insurance.

What is FERPA and how does it affect me?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. The law applies to all schools that receive funds under an applicable program of the U.S. Department of Education. Please refer to the U.S. Department of Education web site for more detailed information. Montana State University requires a consent form to release student records that include financial aid, scholarship and billing/account information.