Summer Edge

  • We are pleased to continue our summer enrollment package,MSU SUMMER EDGE, that will help you take courses over the summer while also keeping costs low.  Classes will be taught online and in-person, and faculty have been working hard to ensure your learning experience is personalized. For more information please visit the MSU Summer Edge Website. 

  Determining Your Fees

  • Fees are based on a per credit-hour rate.
  • Registration, tuition and building fees are charged to all students.
  • Health, dental, activity, and intramural fees are included for students taking 7 credits or more.
  • Some courses and/or programs also require materials or special use fees; these fees are assessed at registration.
  • Fees for online courses are the same as those for on-campus courses.
    • Distributed Learning Fee of $10 per credit will be charged for each online course.

Other Fees

  • New Student Fee—All new students pay a one-time New Student Fee, included in their fees during their first semester of attendance at MSU.  The fee is $145.
  • Auditors—Regularly enrolled students who enroll for courses without credit (audit) pay the same fees as students enrolled for credit.

Obtaining Your Fee Summary

Properly registered students may obtain their fee summary and confirm their bill online in MyInfo.

  • Login to MyInfo using your NetID and Password
  • Select the Student Services tab
  • Select the Student Records link
  • Select Electronic Billing and Payment


Summer Session
May Start 4x4 
May 16th 
June Start 4X4
June 13th
July-Start 4x4
July 11th 
Late Summer Start
July 25nd  
First 6-week Session
May 16th
8-Week Intersession 
June 13th 
Second 6-week Session
June 27th 
12-week Full Semester Session
May 16th 

Fee payment is due within 3 days from the start date of any given course.  Students who do not pay fees by this deadline may have their registration cancelled.

Payment Options

  • Online (credit card payments and E-checks) under MyInfo (Login, select Electronic Billing and Payment)
  • Mail payment to Student Accounts, P.O. Box 172640, MSU, Bozeman, MT, 59717-2460
  • Drop payment in the student payment box at the Student Accounts cashier's window, Montana Hall

Please make checks payable to Montana State University.


Fee Refunds

Refunds for Summer Session are handled in the same manner as for other academic semesters. All fees except the Registration fee, ID fee, and Orientation fee are refunded to students who withdraw from MSU during the period of registration and before the beginning of classes, in which case the registration of the student is cancelled.  No refund of fees will be given for withdrawal from courses for which a "W" grade is given (see Drop/Add Regulations & Procedures page for more information about the "W" grade).

Refunds for financial aid in excess of your university bill for Summer Session will be available starting May 10th. Refunds for part-time students will start after the 3rd class day. Refunds for the balance of funds will be by Direct Deposit, or mailed to the student if the student has not signed up for Direct Deposit, provided you have completed all necessary documentation and signed all promissory notes and returned these materials to the Financial Aid Office.  Be sure your address(es) is current at the Student Accounts Office, Registrar's Office, or Financial Aid Office.  A refund will not be processed until bill confirmation has been done with the Student Accounts Office.

  • Refunds for Drop/Adds
    Courses added are retroactive to the first day of class instruction for fee assessment.  No refund of fees will be made after the third day of instruction in a 4-week session, or the sixth day of instruction in a 6-week or intersession, or after the 13th day of instruction in the 12-week session, including dropped courses.
  • Refunds for University Withdrawals
    After the beginning of classes, fees are refunded according to the date the student completes the university withdrawal form received from the Office of Student Success.

    The following special considerations will determine the amount of refund due, if any, for university withdrawal:

    • All refunds are based on the date of university withdrawal; whether or not a student attended class(es) has no bearing on the refund.  Refunds are further determined by enrollment in a 4-week, 6-week, intersession, or 12-week session.
    • Short courses are a part of the Summer Session and are included in the total credit load for fee assessment and refund determination.  No refund is made for dropping a course of two weeks or less in duration unless it is dropped prior to the beginning of the class.

Veteran Educational Benefits

Veterans, dependents, and members of the Guard/Reserves who are eligible for VA educational benefits; also veterans who are Montana residents and who served on active duty during specified periods of conflict and have exhausted their GI Bill benefits may be eligible for the MUS Veteran Tuition Waiver, please contact:

Veteran Support Center
185 Strand Union
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT 59717
(406) 994-3661
[email protected]