The Tuition Payment Plan is an installment loan available for qualified applicants who are unable to make full payment of current semester tuition, fees, and /or room and board charges on regular fee payment day. This plan is available to all students with the exception of those whose financial aid is ready at fee payment day and is equal to or greater than fees charged, students who are in default on a Perkins/Nursing loan, or students who have a poor repayment history at Montana State University.

General Instructions

1st 6 weeks May 17 June 9  
12 week and intersession May 17 June 16 July 14
2nd 6 weeks May 28 July 14  



1st Installment

August 11 January 12

2nd Installment

October 1 February 1
3rd Installment
November 1 March 1
4th Installment
December 1 April 1