For our self-help laboratory, we've chosen a variety of issues commonly of concern to the population in general. The following links contain articles and self-assessment quizes. We intend this site to be an opportunity to broadcast ideas and information. Your access to these pages is anonymous, although the site does record the number of people who have read each article. There is no facility for us to retrieve the scores of the assessments, nor can weidentify any visitor to the web site. This information is NOT intended to take the place of counseling, nor to aid in crisis or emergency. If you are in a crisis or emergency situation, and you live locally, please call CPS during business hours, or the Bozeman 24-hour Crisis Helpline at 586-3333.

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The Aftermath of Suicide Alcohol Use Self-Assessment
Coming Out Common Reactions to Tragic Events
Eating Disorders Facts About Men's Health
Reactions to Traumatic Events Homesickness
How To Get Along With Your College Professor How To Talk To Someone Whose Alcohol/Drug Abuse Concerns You
Male Victims of Sexual Abuse Grief and Loss
Marijuana Communicating Assertively
Motivating Yourself to Study Overcoming Procrastination
Permanent Weight Control Rate Yourself on the Life Change Scale
Ten Things Men Can Do for Better Health Test Anxiety
Time Management Understanding ADHD
Understanding Depression Understanding Suicide
The Ups & Downs of Graduation Your Parents' Divorce