The Office of Disability Services is using a web-based services platform called Accommodate to provide services to registered students with accommodations. Access to this system is available to students who are registered with our office. 

If you are a new student seeking accommodations with our office please visit our Student Information page for instructions on how to register. 

Current students who are registered with ODS can access Accommodate at Accommodate Login. You can add Accommodate to the home screen of your smart phone, iPad, or tablet for user friendly access at your fingertips.


Accommodate allows students to:

  1. Maintain 24 hour access to approved accommodations.
  2. Request supplemental accommodations, as needed.
  3. Complete semester requests each semester to ensure the continuation of accommodations.
  4. View, save and print an accommodation notification to provide to instructors.
  5. Receive their notes through the "Note-Taker Network" tab (only for students with an approved Notetaking Accommodation).

If you are an incoming or current student who is not yet registered with our office but would like to request accommodations, please log onto Accommodate and complete the Student Intake (you will need your NetId and password) On the lefthand side click  Accommodation & Information Requests then click Accommodation Requests. .