The Office of Disability Services works with the Registrar's Office to coordinate classroom changes each semester to accommodate students with mobility limitations. These changes occur when a classroom is located in an inaccessible location or building and is then moved to an accessible location.

This accommodation is called, "Accessible Classroom,"and should be requested by students with mobility challenges that would need elevator access to all floors of a building.

Most Common Accessible Classroom/Campus Accommodations

Disability Services provides Accessible classroom and campus accommodations such as:

As well as other personalized accommodations.

Apply for an Accessible Classroom accommodation

  1. Log into Accommodate - you will need your NetID and password.
  2. Complete the Student Intake by clicking Accommodation & Information Requests.
  3. Then, click Accommodation Requests which will take you to the Accommodate portal where you can upload documentation (Here is the link to our Documentation Guidelines).

When approved for this Accessible Classroomaccommodations you will work with one of our specialist to identify your needs on an individual basis. This accommodation also puts you on our Snow Route list that allows you to show us the routes you normally intend to take which we can then work with Facility Services to prioritize routes for snow removal that will work best for the majority of our student body that is approved for the Accessible Classroomaccommodation.

These changes usually take place a few weeks before classes begin. The Office of Disability Services encourages students to register for classes early. 

For students with temporary mobility limitations, please contact ODS at (406)994-2824 if you are unable to access your classrooms. 


Please Note: If you are looking for parking accommodations, this will be handled through Parking Services. They can be reached at (406)994-1723 or [email protected].