Prepare an appeal to the Core Equivalency Review Committee (CERC) for students with math learning problems caused by learning disabilities: 

Montana State University maintains no barriers to equal opportunity and full participation of students with disabilities. No otherwise qualified student will be excluded from any course, course of study, or other educational program or activity because of a disability. The University will make reasonable accommodation to students' known disabilities on a case by case basis. It is the responsibility of the student to make the need for accommodation known to the University.

In 1985 and 1990, the faculty of Montana State University confirmed that "basic competencies in quantitative reasoning and problem solving are fundamental components of a university education" and established a mathematics requirement as essential for graduation from the University. To "demonstrate their ability to handle basic mathematical logic," students are required to successfully complete, with a grade of C or better, one of the designated core math courses. Students must meet this requirement to graduate from Montana State University.

MSU-Bozeman recognizes that some students with specific learning disabilities may experience difficulty completing the core mathematics requirement and will follow the procedure detailed below in making accommodations for such students:

  1. Students with learning disabilities who believe they need an accommodation to meet the mathematics requirement shall contact the office of Office of Disability Services (ODS) to begin the process of certifying the disability.
    • Learning Disability documentation must meet established MSU-Bozeman guidelines as developed by ODS for a math disability.
  2. If the accommodations identified by ODS prove ineffective as compensation for the specific learning disability a course substitution may be requested in the following manner:
    • The petitioner shall obtain a Core Equivalency Review Committee (CERC) core math substitution petition form. The Auditor will present the petition for course substitution to CERC. The CERC petition will include the following:
      • a written rationale for the request;
      • a letter from ODS that specifies the nature and severity of the petitioner's disability and provides a history of MSU's attempts to accommodate the disability;
      • signatures from the ODS staff member and the petitioner's academic advisor.
    • The petition for approval of substitute course(s) shall be presented to CERC for approval on an individual, cases by case basis. The University may require that other identified accommodations be attempted in good faith by the student before agreeing to offer a course substitution.
    • CERC Petitions take 6-8 weeks to review. 
    • CERC will notify the student, ODS and the student's major department of the results of the committee's deliberations. Correspondence is completed within a week of the review being completed. 
    • If approved by the University and completed successfully, the substitute course or alternative shall enable the student to meet the requirement of basic competency in quantitative reasoning and problem solving.
    • The petitioner's academic department will notify the Registrar's Core Curriculum Auditor of completion of an approved substitution.
      Note: Approval of a substitute course or alternative for the core curriculum mathematics requirement does not indicate or presume any changes to or substitutions for any other mathematics requirements or math related courses within the student's major.
    • The petitioner may contest CERC's decision to deny a core math substitution by appealing to the Vice President of Academic Affairs or his/her designee.