To ensure equal access to in-class information for qualified MSU students with disabilities.


Students must provide disability documentation to the Office of Disability Services (ODS) that clearly supports the need for note-taking accommodations.  Once this accommodation has been approved, ODS will contact the instructor to recruit a volunteer notetaker in the class.

If class notes or PowerPoint slides are available on-line from the instructor, note taking may not be indicated.

Please notify ODS by e-mail within 24 hours of dropping a class for which note taking accommodations are being provided.

If there is a problem with reading or understanding the notes, be sure to communicate with a ODS staff member as soon as possible so the problem can be corrected.

NOTE: Students are typically required to attend class in order to receive class notes.


  1. Clearly communicate, in writing, to ODS staff the specific classes for which you will be requesting note taking accommodations. Click on this link for the Note Taking Request Form.
  2. Show the course instructor your Accommodation Notification when communicating about your accommodations for their class.
  3. Tell the instructor that ODS will contact them and ask them to read a short statement, soliciting a volunteer note taker.
  4. The note taker will be asked to come to the ODS office and submit the “Note Taker Volunteer Sign-up Sheet.” The form will provide ODS with contact information and will serve to identify the student who is to receive the notes.
  5. Note taker information will not be given to the student unless the note taker grants permission.
  6. Notes will be uploaded to your BOX account within 48 hours of the class. You can access tutorials on how to access your notes at Notes Instructions.
  7. It is the student's responsibility to access notes on BOX regularly. ODS will contact students who do not access notes regularly. Services for note taking may be stopped temporarily, pending a meeting with a ODS staff member.