Over two-thirds of MSU students have some sort of financial aid, and we recognize that funding is one of the most vital elements of continuing education. We have found the following information to help you find scholarships that are catered to students with disabilities, and for general studies as well. While we try our best to keep deadline and award information as current as possible, please confirm and find more information about how to apply by visiting individual scholarship websites or asking our office directly regarding community-based scholarships.

Cat Scholarships 

Monday, November 1st is the official opening of Cat Scholarships for the 2024/25 awarding period.

The Office of Disability Services would like to encourage students to apply for scholarships each year. Cat Scholarships is designed to automatically match students to scholarship opportunities that match their qualifications. Complete and submit the application, the system will prompt you if additional information is needed. Cat Scholarship applications are eligible for Graduate Students, Continuing Undergraduate Students, New Freshman and Transfer Students.

Log into Cat Scholarships to view available scholarships.

Cat Scholarship Application Opens:  11/1/2024

Priority Selection Deadline is: 2/1/2025

Cat Scholarships Application Closes: 5/1/2025

Disability-Specific Scholarships:

           This page showcases over 40 scholarship opportunities for students with disabilities


The Office of Disability Services is proud to offer MSU scholarships generously funded by community organizations. ODS invites students to apply on an individual basis for those who meet the criteria for the following scholarships. Eligible students are identified and contacted each spring.


Todd Memorial Scholarship - Offered through Bozeman Chapter Montana Association for the Blind

Amount: $1000 each to two visually impaired students

Qualifications: Student meets the federal definition of legally blind, must be attending MSU-Bozeman, or a graduate of MSU-Bozeman pursuing a graduate program elsewhere, must demonstrate adequate progress towards an academic goal.

Lawrence Hiller Scholarship - given by the family of Lawrence Hiller
Amount: $500-$1,000 | Number of awards: up to 3 students per year
Qualifications: student must be a Montana resident, have a physical disability and  personal and financial need will be considered

T. Bayard and Emma King Todd Scholarships - given by the Bozeman Chapter of Montana Association for the Blind
Amount: $500 | Number of awards: up to 3 students per year
Qualifications: graduate or undergraduate student considered blind or partially blind; need and GPA are considered

Emil A. Honka Scholarship - given by Montana Association for the Blind
Amount: $1,000 | Number of awards: up to 2 students per year
Qualifications: preference given to students who have completed 12+ college credits; minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA

Delta Gamma Scholarship - given by Delta Gamma Foundation
Amount: $1,000 | Number of awards: 1 student per year
Qualifications: Montana high school graduate; one semester completed at MSU in good academic standing; minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA. Delta Gamma Application Form

Other Scholarship Search Engines (disability-related and general):