Getting Started

If you would like to be evaluated for temporary accommodations, please visit our How to Register with Disability Services Services page and complete steps 1-3.


  • Inform your instructors - Keep them informed of your condition and any issues you are having. communication with instructors is very important to ensure clear expectation on both sides.
  • Contact your friends - They can be a valuable resource during recovery and can help provide assistance.
  • If your injury affects your ability to write or type you may be able to use your existing technology to dictate text into a word document: or email. You may also use the Voice Typing in Google Docs and Dictate in Word.
  • If it is winter and you are using crutches you may want to purchase ice grippers for the bottoms.
  • Speak to Culinary Services for help with carrying your tray or if you need to facilitate a meal pick up.

Student's Responsibilities

Here are a few things that students are responsible for:

  • Personal Care Assistance
  • Building to Building Transportation
  • Transport Books

Temporary ADA Parking Passes

To acquire a temporary two week ADA parking pass, you must go to Parking Services. You have to have proof of the disability, like a doctors note so that it can be scanned into their system. You will receive a hangtag that must be visible in your vehicle. You must also obtain a MSU parking permit to park in ADA parking spaces on campus.