UTEC Members

Name Position Represents
Galen Brokaw
Brokaw, Galen
Member Modern Languages & Literatures
Josh DeWeese
DeWeese, Josh
Member Art Education
Jayne Downey
Downey, Jayne
Member Associate Dean for Educator Preparation
Education/UTEC Liaison
 Ann Ellsworth
Ellsworth, Ann
Member Master of Arts in Teaching Program Leader
Will Fassbender
Fassbender, Will
Member English Education
Brittany Fasy
Fasy, Brittany
Member Computer Science
Greg Francis
Francis, Greg
Member Physics
Bill Freese
Freese, Bill
Member Assessment Coordinator
Regina Gee
Gee, Regina
Member Art Education
Greg Gilpin
Gilpin, Greg
Member Agricultural Economics & Economics
Sara Heller
Heller, Sara
Member Health & Human Development Advising
Amanda Hendrix-Komoto
Hendrix-Komoto, Amanda
Member History
Joe Hicks
Hicks, Joe
Member Education & After School Partnership
Steve Holmgren
Holmgren, Steve
Member Chemistry
Mary Hubbard
Hubbard, Mary
Member  Earth Sciences
Carl Igo
Igo, Carl
Member Agricultural Education
Jerry Johnson
Johnson, Jerry
Member Political Science / Government
Jennifer Luebeck
Luebeck, Jennifer
Member 5-12 Math Education
Christine Lux
Lux, Christine
Member Early Childhood Education
Mandi McCarthy-Rogers
McCarthy-Rogers, Mandi
Member Art Education
John Melick
Melick, John
Member Field Placement & Licensure
Gini Mohr
Mohr, Gini
Member Field Placement & Licensure
Jamie O'Callaghan
O'Callaghan, Jamie
Member Post-Baccalaureate Specialist, Field Placement & Licensure
Karie Orendorff
Orendorff, Karie
Member K-12 Health Enhancement
 Sarah Pennington
Pennington, Sarah
Member Head, Department of Education
Dustin Perry
Perry, Dustin
Member Agricultural Education
David Reese
Reese, David
Member Education Advising Center
Marcie Reuer
Reuer, Marcie
Member Education Practicum
Sarah Schmitt-Wilson
Schmitt-Wilson, Sarah
Member Director of Operations, Education
Christine Rogers-Stanton
Rogers Stanton, Christine
Member Social Studies Broadfield
Tricia Seifert
Seifert, Tricia
Chair Dean, College of EHHD
Tobin Stewart
Stewart, Tobin
Member Music
Sue Stolp
Stolp, Sue
Member Teacher Education Program Leader
R. C. Townsend
Townsend, R. C.
Member Education Advising
Rebecca Turk
Turk, Rebecca
Member Continuous Improvement Coordinator and Assistant Teaching Professor
Rose Vallor
Vallor, Rose
Member After School Partnership
 Michael Walach
Walach, Michael
Member Technology Education Broadfield
Karen Waller
Waller, Karen
Member Education Practicum
Nicole Wanago
Wanago, Nicole
Member Family & Consumer Sciences
Allison Wynhoff Olsen
Wynhoff-Olsen, Allison
Member English
To Be Determined Member Biology
To Be Determined Member Early Childhood and Special Education
To Be Determined Member French
To Be Determined Member General Science Broadfield
To Be Determined Member German
To Be Determined Member Spanish



Review existing and proposed operational policy and practice, and recommend needed changes to appropriate University groups; establish guidelines for the development of teaching options, majors, and minors; review and approve the requirements for general education, broad fields, teaching options, majors, and minors; act as a channel of communication between the total education faculty, the administrative committee of the College of Education, Health and Human Development, the various college that assist in teacher preparation, and other interested persons; and review curriculum descriptions in University publications.


Once per semester and as required


Voting Members: One representative from each academic department offering teaching options, majors, or minors.

Voting Ex Officio Members: Dean and Assistant Dean of Education, Health and Human Development; Director, Field Placement and Licensure; Vice President for Academic Affairs; Assistant Deans of the Colleges of Arts and Architecture, Letters and Science; Dean of Graduate Studies; Director, Native American Studies; and Director, University Studies; Unit Coordinator for Elementary Education.

Length of Term

One year, renewable

Appointed By

Heads of academic departments offering teaching options, majors, or minors

Advisory To

Dean, College of Education, Health and Human Development

Reports Due

As requested