This page contains contact information for MSU Extension IPM specialists.  Each row has a link to that specialist's faculty page (when applicable) along with their office or lab location, phone number, and email address.

Please address plant-related questions and concerns to the Schutter Diagnostic Laboratory.

IPM Specialists

Photo of Tim Seipel

Dr. Tim Seipel

IPM Director
Assistant Research Professor

Land Resources and Environmental Sciences
Extension Cropland Weed Ecology

Photo of Noelle Orloff

Noelle Orloff

Plant Identification Diagnostician
Land Resources and Environmental Studies
Schutter Diagnostic Laboratory

Photo of Marni Rolston

Marni Rolston

Crop Insect Diagnostician
Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology
Schutter Diagnostic Laboratory

Photo of Abi Saeed

Abi Saeed

Extension Horticulture Specialist
Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology
Integrated Pest Management

Photo of Dr. Tiziana Oppedisano

Dr. Tiziana Oppedisano

Assistant Professor of Entomology/Insect Ecology
Western Triangle Agricultural Research Center

   9546 Old Shelby Rd, Conrad, MT 59425
   (406) 278-7707 ext. 110 
   [email protected]