Dates to Remember

Geyser Lucky Clovers

  • February 27th, 2022
  • Location TBA

Stanford Scramblers

  • To be determined :)

Utica Sapphires

  • February 8th, 2022
  • 6:30 PM
  • MPR Room - Hobson School

4-H Council Meeting

  • To be determined

Fair Book Cover Contest

Ready your cameras! Snow is still flying but summer time and Fair Time will be here before we know it! Fair Book Cover contest is open to all 4-H members, regardless of age!

A $40 North 40 Gift Card will be rewarded to the winner!

Due to the Extension Office by Friday, April 15th, 2022.


  • High Resolution
  • Color or Black and White
  • NO Panoramic Pictures
  • 5" W by 7.5" H Portrait Style Layout
  • Pictures may include people but should not be primary subject
  • 4-H Member MUST be the one to take the photo
  • Must fit "Judith Basin County Fair, August 9-13th, 2022, Stanford, MT" on some part of the cover!

4-H Shooting Sports Schedule

Visit for Registration links and more information!

  • Cascade County Archery Postal Tournament
    • Registration Due March 4th, 2022
  • Cascade County Air Rifle and Air Pistol Postal Tournament
    • Registration Due February 25th, 2022
  • Carter County Annual Invitational
    • Registration Due January 24th, 2022
  • Custer County Air Rifle Postal Shoot
    • Registration Due February 4th, 2022
  • Pondera County Air Rifle & Pistol Postal Shoot
    • Registration Due January 21st, 2022
  • Marias Fair Archery Invitational
    • Registration Due January 24th, 2022

Fair Back Drop Photo Contest

After the fair this year we decided that our Medallion Winner photo backdrop is needing to be replaced! So we are taking photo entries!

If you have a good scenic photo, please send it to Katie or Hannah via email!

  • High resolution photos
  • No people in photos
  • Landscape Photo Layout

Montana 4-H Rec Lab

Hobson, MT

March 18th - 20th, 2022

Open to all 4-H Members 13-19

Registration opens February 1st in ZSuites

Registration due by March 1st, 2022

Participants will select their workshops during registration

4-H at Home

Need a good project during the winter months?

Check out

4-H at Home provides hands-on, educational activities for kids and teens all year long. Get our latest 4-H at Home Activity Guide, activities from 4-H Land-Grant Universities, and more.

Leadership Academy Monthly Workshops

Members 12+, 4-H age

Sundays 2:30 to 3:45 PM

The Leadership Academy is a network of Montana 4-H Members interested in exploring and developing their own leadership skills while serving their county 4-H program in new ways.


  • January 9th
    • How to Make Club Meetings Awesome
  • February 13th
    • Ages and Stages for Members
  • March 13th
    • Successful Service Learning
  • April 10th
    • Lead with a Purpose

4-H Enrollment Book Orders

To everyone that is needing a project book ordered, I (Hannah) will be placing another book order the first week of February.

Switching it up this year and only doing 2 big book orders instead of several smaller orders.

If you miss the ordering date, let me know and I can send you the information to order books yourself.

Thank you for understanding! I'm still trying to figure out what works best for everyone. :)

People Partner Grants

Grants Purpose - provide incentives and financial support to groups and individuals for programs that enhance the quality of living for people in their communities.

Application Deadline - Postmarked by February 1st, 2022

Each application is eligible for up to $500

Go to for more information

Yearly Financial Deadline

Club leaders please finish up year end financials and email them to Hannah or Katie.

Let us know if yo have any questions!


Fair Book Ads

Just a friendly heads up that Fair Book Ads will be distributed very soon! We will distribute lists to club leaders and they will assign members their own smaller list.

My 4-H Year Paperwork

Record book time is here. Once the New Year starts, record book keeping should start as well.

Wondering where to find it?? Here's a couple easy ways to get it downloaded and printed off!

  • Visit our MSU Extension - Judith Basin County website!
    • Click 4-H tab on the left hand side
    • Click on forms
    • Click on the form you need, all are in PDF format so they are ready to be downloaded or printed off
  • Visit the Montana 4-H website!
    • Click on "Resources"
    • Scroll down and click "Record Books"
    • Scroll down to the record book pages... each page has a brief description with a grey title bar
    • Be sure to scroll through the page, there is otns of useful information!

4-H Record Book Tips

In the next few Newsletters keep an eye out for new "4-H Record Book Tips" and ways to make doing your record book easier and a lot more efficient!

January Tips!

Start your record book at the beginning of the 4-H Year!

  • Write goals for the new year at the BEGINNING of the 4-H year!
    • Try to write 3-4 goals for each project that you are taking!
      • Examples
        • Teach my Market Lamb to brace when prompted to
        • Learn to blow-dry my steer without my parents hands-on help
        • Learn a new baking or cooking technique
        • Hit the bullseye with my bow at every meeting
        • Teach my dog a new command
      • These goals are important for you later in the year when you hit a "lull" in your projects and want a challenge
      • Also, think about how exciting it will be when you hit your goal(s)!!