Dates to Remember:

  • Geyser Lucky Clovers

    • March 27th, 2022
    • Location TBA
  • Stanford Scramblers

    • March 7th, 2022
    • Stanford School
    • 6:30 PM
  • Utica Sapphires

    • March 8th, 2022
    • MPR Room Hobson School
    • 6:30 PM
  • 4-H Council Meeting

    • Extension Office
    • Time and Date TBD

Fair Book Cover Contest

Due to the Extension Office by Friday, April 15th, 2022

Ready your creative side!

Fair Time is going to be here before we know it and that means that we are ready for another Fair Book Cover Contest!

Unleash your creative side, by taking an award winning picture with a camera (phone) or drawing of one-of-a-kind picture!

The Fair Book Cover Contest Rules and Regulations!

  • Open to all 4-H members, regardless of age
  • 4-H member MUST be the one to take/create the photo
  • Picture resolution needs to be as high as possible
  • Picture can be in black and white or color
  • NO panoramic photos
  • Pictures may include people, but should not be the primary subject
  • Picture needs to be 5" and 7.5" H portrait style
  • "Judith Basin Country Fair, August 9-13th, 2022, Stanford, MT" must be able to fit on the photo!

Winner will receive a $40 gift certificate to North 40!

Fair Back Drop Photo Contest

Due to the Extension Office sooner, rather than later

Another contest to show your photography skills!

We are looking for a good photo to make back drop for the Medallion Photos.

Here are a couple quick rules:

  • High Resolution Photos
  • No people in photos
  • Landscape Photo Layouts

Not a rule, but a thing to keep in mind when out taking photos for this contest... try to keep photos simple! "Busy" photos that have a lot of going on them will be a distration! We want the Medallion Winner and their prized animal to be the main subjects of the photo!

Fair Book Ads

Due to Extension Office by Friday, March 18th, 2022

Whoops, first of all, I will admit my mistake... I sent out the Fair Book ad without updating the due date.

Here's some tips for Fair Book Ad Distribution:

  • Be polite to the business owners!!
  • Members please be the one to call or visit your ad sponsor!
    • Many sponsors like to see the members they are supporting!
  • Make sure to fill out and cut the bottom portion of the add form off and give it to the customer.
    • This is their receipt!
  • Don't rush yourself and don't rush the sponsor. Being able to confidently and freely talk to all different people is a valuable trait to have in the "real world"!

Leadership Academy Monthly Workshops

Members 12+, 4-H age

Sundays 2:30 - 3:45 PM

The Leadership Academy is a network of Montana 4-H Members interested in exploring and developing their won leadership skills while serving their county 4-H program in new ways!

Upcoming dates:

  • March 13th
    • Successful Service Learning
  • April 10th
    • Lead with a Purpose

Swine Tagging and Weigh Deadline

Due to Extension Office by Friday, April 15th, 2022

Swine Weigh Deadline is rapidly approaching!

Katie and I are requesting that 4-H tags be put in the left ear this year. This will make it much, much easier for us to read tags during Fair Weigh-In!

Thank you!

Montana 4-H Rec Lab

March 18th - 20th, 2022

Hobson, MT

Plan to travel 4-H HIGHWAY 2022 - THE ROAD TO SUCCESS!!

Open to all 4-H members ages 13-19

Registration through ZSuites

  1. Log into ZSuites
  2.  Click on "Primary Profile"
  3. Click on "Events"
  4. Click on "Register Now" Under 4-H Rec Lab
  5. Select child that you registering
  6. Enter information
  7. Select Workshops
  8. Confirm information for medical form
  9. Click "Submit Registration"

Registrations due by March 1st, 2022

Rec lab is full of new experiences, new faces, and new opportunities and is SO much fun!! Easy to follow schedule each day and lots of hands-on experiences!

4-H Record Book Tips - Part 2

Each 4-H project has unique and specific guidelines for project completion.

Here's some basic Completion Criteria for you to think about!

  • Complete a minimum of seven activities found in your project book
    • No they don't have to be in order, unless your book specifcally tells you!
      • Pick and choose your projects but don't do all the easy ones this year because you don't want to be stuck with only hard ones next year!
        • Maybe do 2 easy ones, 3 somewhat difficult ones, and 2 hard ones!
      • Split up your projects over the 4-H year!
        • Try to do ones that you can do indoors now and save the outside ones for when the weather is nicer
        • Don't save all of your projects for the night before interview day! I have done this and it is not fun for you or your parents!
    • Complete a minimum of three learning experienes throughout the year!
      • This can include demonstrations, taking a tour, job shadowing, and even exhibiting at the fair can be included! :)