Prior to Student Teaching Placement

The Student Teaching Application precedes your personal student teaching placement process.  Links to complete this application will be provided on the Field Placement Website and emailed to students after attendance at the required info-sessions.  These mandatory sessions are offered twice and occur on the Monday and Friday of the week prior to finals week at 3:30 p.m. in Reid 425.  Choose either session to receive important information about the student teaching application.  Once you complete the application, you are ready to begin the steps which will lead to placement and your student teaching experience.   Be sure to take the time to read the information below and follow the accompanying links to ensure you are compliant and aware of all policies and procedures. Get ready early!  Reach out to the Field Placement and Licensure office with questions. 

After completing a Student Teaching Application, your first task is to create an introductory file, which MSU FPLO will provide to the prospective administrators and cooperating teachers considering you for placement in their schools and classrooms.  This file will contain an updated resume, a letter of introduction, and (embedded within that letter) an accessible link to your introductory video.  Complete each requirement and have it edited by either a fellow teacher candidate, the MSU Writing Center, or an associate at the Yarnell Center for Student Success.  When revised and ready for presentation, the resume and letter (with embedded link to video) should be saved as pdf documents and emailed to the MSU Field Placement Office ([email protected]). Requirements for each file element follow.


  • Formatting: tasteful, conservative presentation without personal photos or other non-professional distractions
  • Name at the top of the resume in large, readable font
  • Contact information
    • Stable mailing address
    • Telephone number
    • Professional email address
  • Education summary with highest degree earned (or about to be earned)
    • Name of each institution graduated
    • City/state for each institution
    • Date of graduation
    • Specific degree earned, including majors and minors
    • GPA (not required, but if 3.0 or above, could enhance your resume)
  • Work summary
    • Names of employment organizations 
    • City/state for each organization
    • Titles/positions held
    • Employment date range for each position
    • Duties performed
      • Each bullet in parallel form (gramatically identical to each other bullet)
      • Each bullet in active voice ("tutored" rather than "was a tutor")
      • Each bullet in the correct tense (past tense for past jobs and present tense for current positions)
  • Relevant Volunteer Experience (description of service, organization served, date range of involvement)
  • Professional Affiliations and Honors (title of each, name of organization, date or date range of involvement or award)
  • Activities and Interests (optional)

Letter of Introduction

  • Formatting (address, date, salutation, body, closing, and name/signature)
  • Tone (enthusiastic, open-minded, and professional--no negative descriptions of past teachers or educational institutions; positive without appearing conceited)
  • Professional writing (logical organization, transitions for smooth flow, no major spelling or grammar errors, variation in sentence structure and word choice)
  • Introduction (clear and welcoming, appropriate to audience)
  • Summary of what you hope to gain/learn from the student teaching experience
  • Description of unique characteristics or accomplishments that you could bring to the placement

Professional Introductory Video

  • Easily accessible (one-step access) link embedded in letter of introduction 
  • Tone (warm and genuine, yet professional in language, tone, and style...personal but professional rather than confidential)
  • Context (professional dress with no distracting background clutter)
  • Introduction (clear and welcoming)
  • Summary of unique characteristics and accomplishments--expand upon elements in letter of introduction
  • 3-4 minutes in length

We will be utilizing the storage system of OneDrive to store your Student Teaching documents.

OneDrive Activation Instructions:

1.Activate/update your MSU student email login information.

  • All students will be required to use their assigned Montana State email address to login.
  • Don’t know your MSU email information?
    Go to to reset your password.

2.Login to your OneDrive account using your student email.

  • Go to OneDrive Login to login to your OneDrive account OR
    Login to your student email and accept the invite to your folder.

OneDrive Folder Requirements:

  • GPA Calculator
    • Each student will need to upload a GPA calculator for each endorsement area.
  • Proof of Fingerprint Appointment
    • All students are required to complete new background check. Packets can be picked up outside REID Hall  247. Students will need to provide proof of their fingerprinting appointment OR their completed packet. 
  • Current CPR and 1st Aid Certification 
    • All students will need to provide proof  of current CPR registration or proof of registration for an approved CPR training. All courses need to be 100% in person.
    • See CPR Requirements for specifications.

In order to provide you the best possible student teaching placement experience, our office staff gets to know you through the student teaching interview and final file review.  Once your placement file and OneDrive folders are completed, you will receive notification that student teaching interview signups are open using MSU's Appointment Scheduler.  Select as your advisor either the director, John Melick, or the assistant director, Gini Mohr.  The scheduler will then allow you to select a time for a 20-minute visit with placement personnel so that we can get to know you, your goals, and your needs.  If you need to reschedule your interview time, email either John or Gini.


Separate from your student teaching interview, each student will be required to meet with the Licensure Technician to complete a final file meeting.Students will be invited to sign up for a final file meeting upon completion of a correctly formatted OneDrive folder.

 The final file meeting  is a separate meeting from your scheduled interview with Gini or John as our meeting will focus on deadlines and completing requirements needed to student teach. 

This is the final meeting in the student teacher interview process and student need to complete this meeting in order to be registered for student teaching. 

Students will be invited to sign up for a final file meeting upon completion of a correctly formatted OneDrive folder.

The student teaching placement process can be an exciting, but anxious, time for teacher candidates.  However, the MSU Field Placement Office is dedicated to providing a quality placement for each candidate and has a proven track record of achieving this goal.  Resist the temptation to short-cut the process by finding your own placement and, thus, violating mandatory policies.  Local-area placements will be announced on the same day prior to the end of the semester preceding student teaching.  Out-of-area and out-of-state placements will be announced as they are finalized.  All placement messaging will be disseminated via Qualtrics/MSU Surveys and will include school information, administrator and cooperating teacher information, start/end dates, and field supervisor information.  Please note that start dates are arranged according to the placement school calendar, rather than the MSU calendar, so make travel plans accordingly.

The week prior to finals, plan on attending one of two mandatory Student Teaching Final Check-in Meetings.  These will be held during “Dead Week.”  The first will be on Monday, from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m., and the second option is held Friday, from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.—both in Reid 425.

International Student Teaching

Did you know you have an option to do a portion of your student teaching abroad? Learn more by sending an email to John Melick! Over 18 countries are available through a partnership with Indiana University (Australia, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, England, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Tanzania, Turkey, Wales). Reach out to John Melick to inquire about your options.  


Important Documents for Student Teaching

Professional Competencies & Dispositions

Substitute Teaching Guidelines

Substitute Teaching Form 



The Montana State University Office of Field Placement and Licensure favors the co-teaching model for Student Teaching. Learn more on our Co-Teaching page