Prior to Student Teaching

Before you student teach be sure to take the time to read the following links and ensure you are compliant and aware of all policies and procedures. Get ready early! Reach out to the Field Placement and Licensure office with any questions. 

International Student Teaching

Did you know you have an option to do a portion of your student teaching abroad? Learn more by sending an email to John Melick! Over 18 countries are available through a partnership with Indiana University (Australia, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, England, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Tanzania, Turkey, Wales). Additionally, we are planning an experience with Dr. Herbeck to take place in Mexico City. Reach out to John Melick to inquire about your options.  For Spring 2020 placements, apply by August 15. For Fall 2020 placements, apply by January 15, 2020.

Reflective Educator Project 

Replacing the former, Teacher Work Sample, the new Reflective Educator Project (REP) has been developed as a final student teaching project that emphasizes growth through research into one’s own early teaching practices and the effects of those practices on students.  The REP will lead you through a series of artifacts culminating in the production of a research poster and formal research presentation at the final student teaching seminar.

Reflective Educator Project Guide

REP Goalsetting Observation Form

"Bobcat" Lesson Plan Template

Important Documents for Student Teaching

Student Teaching Handbook  

Roles and Responsibilities

Professional Competencies & Dispositions

Substitute Teaching Guidelines

Substitute Teaching Form 

Danielson Observation Tool


The Montana State University Office of Field Placement and Licensure favors the co-teaching model for Student Teaching. Learn more on our Co-Teaching page. 

Performance Assessments

Danielson Framework Observation Tool
Formative Danielson Performance Assessment

Danielson Framework Performance Assessment Rubric