The Food and Health Lab is affiliated with the Translational Biomarkers Core Lab (TBCL) in collaboration with the Center for American Indian and Rural Health Equity. 

Contact the Translational Biomarkers Core Lab (TBCL) at [email protected] for fee-based analytical services using the following instrumentation for quantification of biomarkers through ELISA procedures, enzymatic assays, fluorescence, immunoassays, flow cytometry, chromatography, and gene expression analyses.

Our joint facility and has the following instrumentation:

In addition to the above, we have the following minor equipment:

  • 80 C Freezer (2)

  • Explosion proof freezer

  • Fridge / freezer unit

  • Cell culture fume hood

  • Rotary evaporator

  • Refrigerated micro-centrifuge (2)

  • Sonicator (2)

  • Vortex (2)

  • Pulverizer (3 large and 2 micro)

  • Weighing scales (5)

  • Light box

  • Hot plate stirrer (2)

  • Hot water bath

  • Computer (2)