The MSU OIP Training Programs staff is dedicated to creating the most impactful and life changing experiences possible with access to extensive knowledge and the vastly beautiful landscapes that make Montana unlike any other place in the world. 


Janelle Rasmussen


Develops, facilitates, and oversees the operations of all International Training Programs, both State Department-funded programs such as the Middle East Partnership Initiative Student Leaders Program (MEPI SLP) and the Fulbright Teaching Excellence & Achievement Program (FTEA), and non-State Department programs such as the Long-term Education Administrators' Program (LEAP) sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Sports, Science, and Culture (MEXT), and the Okinawa Global Leadership (OGL) Program sponsored by Okinawa Board of Education; Liaises with program officers from the International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX), Georgetown University, the State Department, and others; Provides financial and administrative oversight, and manages the reporting monitoring, and evaluation of all programs.  


Makiko Diehl

Program Manager

TED - Photo

Ted Lange

Administrative Associate
Image of kevin bratsky

Kevin Bratsky

Program Coordinator