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Instructor(s): Erin Koester Tusell


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This course will cover some of the most important issues affecting American Indian lives and livelihoods, the histories of these issues from a legal perspective, and the generations of actors who have pursued and continue to pursue resolution of these issues through legal, legislative, and other means.


Please note that syllabus is tentative and subject to changes before course begins.

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Online-co-convenes with NASX 476


Erin Koester Tusell.
Erin Koester Tusell has a master’s degree in Native American Studies from Montana State University. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Art History and American Indian Studies at the University of Arizona as well as a certification in Photography at Speos, Paris Photographic Institute. Her research at MSU focused on Native American Studies in public schools and the legislation, policy, and politics surrounding this topic. She has continued working in Education and presents on Native American Studies at local conferences and professional development seminars for teachers.


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Required Books/Materials

    • Cases and Materials on Federal Indian Law
      Edition: 6th Edition, 2011
      Author(s): Getches, David H., Charles Wilkinson, Robert Williams, Jr., and Matthew Fletcher.
      Publisher: West, St. Paul
      ISBN: 978-0314200372
      Price new: around $200 (used, from around $25)
      This book can be purchased on
      7th Edition, 2016 is also acceptable.
      ISBN: 978-1634599061
    • Indian Law Stories
      Edition: 1st, 2010
      Author(s): Goldberg, Carole E., Kevin K. Washburn, and Philip P. Frickey
      Publisher: Foundation Press, Eagan, MN
      ISBN: 978-1599417295
      Price new: $54 (used, from around $25)
      This book can be purchased on
    • Unearthing Indian Land: Living With the Legacies of Allotment
      Edition: 1st, 2008
      Author(s): Ruppel, Kristin T.
      Publisher: The University of Arizona Press, Tucson
      ISBN: 978-0816527113
      Price new: $35
      This book can be purchased on

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  • Internet access
  • A device and browser that pass the system check for Brightspace LE, MSU's learning management system.

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For course information: Erin Koester Tusell, [email protected]

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