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Access Goal: Montana State University is committed to widening access to higher education and seeks to ensure equality of opportunity for all. MSU Target Unit Strategy Unit Objective (optional) Unit Metric Person Responsible for Success
Objective A.1: Educate more students while maintaining the quality of our programs.          
Metric A.1.1: By 2019, the number of Montana undergraduate students enrolled will surpass 9,900 (a 15% increase). 9900 Maintain and strengthen Carnegie Classification     VPR/Provost
Metric A.1.2: By 2019, the number of transfer enrollments will increase 15% to approximately 1,100. 1100 Evaluate existing articulation agreements to improve if necessary and utilize. Establish other articulation agreements that focus on university strengths and meet strategic goals.     Singel
Metric A.1.2    Identify staff team to assist transfers (enrollment, aid, advising, etc.).     VPR/Provost
 Metric A.1.2   25% of GC AA and AS graduates will transfer to MSU by 2019.     Gallatin College Dean
Metric A.1.3 By 2019, the number of students enrolled in graduate programs will increase 20% to approximately 2,350. 2350 Increase extramural funding that supports graduate student stipends and tuition. Increase GTA funding for stipends as compared with peers.   Grad Dean
 Metric A.1.3   Develop a productive graduate recruiting strategy Evaluate the use of recruitment incentives   Grad Dean
 Metric A.1.3   Develop seamless Master’s programs (4+1 options).     Grad Dean
 Metric A.1.3   Recruit top MSU undergraduate students to select graduate programs.     Grad Dean
 Metric A.1.3   Allocate GTAs strategically to leverage other strategic priorities. Increase GTA funding for stipends as compared with peers.   Grad Dean
Metric A.1.3    Increase the use of GTAs in disciplines where they can be effective. Increase GTA funding for stipends as compared with peers.   Grad Dean
Metric A.1.4: By 2019, the number of credits and courses delivered on-line will increase 40% to approximately 20,000 credits and 225 courses. 20000 credits and 225 courses Offer more programs online.

1. Offer more professional programs/masters online.

2. Improve access to online degree programs or certificates.

3. Develop a seamless consistent model for online course/program delivery.


1. Extended Univ Dir.

2. Extended Univ Dir.

3. Provost

 Metric A.1.4   Increase instructional design support for faculty to develop on-line courses/programs     Extended Univ Dir.
Metric A.1.4    Cooperate with Montana community colleges for baccalaureate degree completion.     Provost
Metric A.1.5: By 2019, the number of students enrolled in Gallatin College degree and certificate programs will double to 400. 400 Gallatin College will continue to add one or two programs each year and increase local marketing efforts of the two-year offerings.     Gallatin College Dean
Metric A.1.6: By 2019, the percentage of need met through scholarships and grants for students who were awarded any need-based aid will increase from 74% to 80%. 80%       Alumni Foundation
Metric A.1.7: By 2019, the total student population will increase 15% to 16,000. 16000       VPSS
Objective A.2: Diversify the student body          
Metric A.2.1: By 2019, the number of Native American students enrolled will increase to 800 (a 45% increase). 800 Develop and improve articulation agreements with tribal colleges.     Provost
 Metric A.2.1   Expand outreach to tribal schools (grades 6-14) to enhance math and science mentoring.     Provost
Metric A.2.1    Develop and improve Native American support services. Build Native American student center by 2019.  



 Metric A.2.1   Connect relevant degree offerings to needs in tribal communities.     Provost
 Metric A.2.1   Improve support in the Bozeman community for children of Native American students.     Provost
 Metric A.2.1   Recruit and add at least 5 Native American faculty.     Provost
Metric A.2.2: By 2019, the number of other under-represented minority students enrolled will increase to 950 (a 40% increase). 950 Increase scholarship funds for minority/non-Native students.      
 Metric A.2.2   Staff multicultural student support programs.     VPSS
 Metric A.2.2   Recruit and add at least five minority faculty beyond the five Native American faculty in A.2.1.7.     Provost
Metric A.2.3: By 2019, the number of international students enrolled will increase to 540 (a 20% increase). 540 Improve the role and impact of the Office of International Programs. Develop partnerships with other countries for dual or cooperative degree programs. Target recruiting to areas where students are interested in international education.   OIP Dir
 Metric A.2.3   Increase integration of international students on campus.     OIP Dir
 Metric A.2.3       Increase the number of exchange programs by 20%. OIP Dir
Metric A.2.4: By 2019, the number of nontraditional students enrolled in undergraduate and Gallatin College programs will increase to 3,200 (a 20% increase). 3200 Gallatin College will implement strategies from the College’s 2012 Council for Adult and Experiential Learning assessment.     Gallatin College Dean
Metric A.2.4    Increase the number of evening courses.     Singel
 Metric A.2.4   Increase and market online offerings to nontraditional students including veterans.     Extended Univ. Dir.
 Metric A.2.4   Create three year programs (accelerated) and programs that can be completed with online and evening courses.     Provost