The Spatial Science Center Instruction Computer Lab is equipment with 21 computers with dual monitors installed with GIS applications including ESRI ArcGIS, remote sensing Imagine, Trimble Business Center, Trimble Pathfinder Office, Pix4D, R, and various applications used in spatial sciences.  The computer lab is reserved for students enrolled in courses in 209 Leon from 6 AM to midnight during the fall and spring semesters.

Software Support for Spatial Sciences

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If you are a MSU student, staff, or faculty and would like access to ESRI ArcGIS Desktop, Pro or Online, or Hexagon Imagine for educational purposes, please email your request to [email protected]

If you are a student and would like an "ArcGIS for Student Use" to build a GIS portfolio, please go to the following link:

Laptop Technical Specification 


There is an instructional computer lab with the applications needed for learning spatial sciences.  If a student wants to purchase a laptop, please see the recommended technical specifiations below.  

Windows based laptop (as some applications will not run on Mac OS) with a newer i7 processor, 32-64 GBs of memory, 1 TB solid state drive or more, optional touchscreen, optional monitor to view and project maps on a larger screen, and carrying case for a the laptop.   Dell and Lenovo websites have higher education discounts for students.  Consider paying extra for support that includes accidental damage (drop, spills, etc.)

Please e-mail [email protected] for more information.


Computer Lab Schedule for Fall 2024 Schedule.

Excel format of Computer Lab Schedule Spring 24 for download. If you need assistance with the schedule download, please contact your TA or faculty.  


Updated 4/25/2024